Lose Weight and Be a Celebrity in Your Own Home

The Biggest Loser show has made a big winner out of all of its contestants. People who have participated in the show are unanimous in saying that they now enjoy a higher quality of life, with more energy and sense of well being than they have had before.

Just because you are not a contestant on a game show, does not mean that you cannot achieve your weight loss goals and make a big difference in your life. You may not have a personal trainer planning your workouts, or a nutritionist planning your daily meals for you, but you can get the same results right in your home. You do not need special equipment or high dollar employees to lose weight and become healthier. You just need motivation, a plan, and a good support system.

How Can I Get Good Results Without a Personal Trainer?

Well, the basic answer to this is that you will need a personal trainer. Since you are not going to hire somebody to come to your home and yell at you all day, YOU are going to need to be your own trainer. Weight loss and fitness are about two very simple ideas. You have to exercise more and eat less. All the tips in the world come down to this simple formula. The great news is that every little baby step you take towards these two goals will pay off!

You are going to need a good support system as well, and that needs to come from family and friends. It may also be helpful to look for an online club or message board where you can post goals, achievements, and even setbacks. These types of platforms are great because you can really get sincere support from people going through the same thing as you.

How Do I Eat Less and Exercise More?

Here are some great strategies to help you get started.

•       Set written goals. Your goal needs to be specific, measurable, and achievable. Post your goal on your refrigerator, your mirror, and your online support system. Keep track of progress and regularly set new goals.

•       Avoid temptation. You have a goal. You are serious about meeting it. So go prove it and throw all the junk food out of your house. You do not need that. Your kids do not need that

•       Do stock up on healthy, easy snacks. If you are starving, and there is a bowl of fruit handy, chances are you will grab it and not walk down the street for that candy bar

•       Have workout clothes that you like to wear. This is a big deal. Wearing old, ratty clothing to work out in will not inspire you to get going and do it.

•       Set yourself up to succeed. Make it convenient to do the right thing. Pack your gym clothes the night before. Make your afternoon snacks up in the morning. Do not visit the grocery when you are starving.

•       Choose a regular aerobic workout that you enjoy. I do not know how many people I know that go running even though they hate running. The idea seems to be that if you hate it, it is doing you better. There are dozens of potential ways to raise your heartbeat and metabolism. Choose one that you like, so you will actually do it.

In Order to Succeed, You Have to Start Now

I have a friend who buys workout and weight loss books and videos by the dozen. She always seems to discover that their “system” is not right for her in some way. She has not changed one dress size in five years.

You do not need lots of money, or just the right type of diet to get Biggest Loser like results. What you need to get Biggest Loser like results is to get started. If you cannot afford a gym membership, you can afford to walk around the block. You have time to work out during your favorite TV show. You deserve to have the life and health that you want.

If you want to do this, you can do this. Make a plan today, get started on it right now, and tell your support system all about it so that they can cheer you on, as you become a celebrity “Biggest Loser” in your own home!