How Accurate Are BMI Calculators

BMI Calculators can be a very effective tool in determining where you stand in the body mass index. It’s a good general barometer but not an exact science. There are a few things that the BMI calculator does not take into consideration.

1)      If you happen to have a larger than normal bone structure.

2)      If you have more lean muscle mass than the average Joe.

3)      If you have a genetically thick build but not fat.

4) The number from the BMI calculator is NOT your body fat percentage…it’s a relative index of weight to height.

In those cases a BMI Calculator may determine your overweight when in fact you’re in great shape. However for the average body type including frame and muscle build BMI is quite accurate. Of course body builders, football players and other athletic types really don’t have much use for BMI Calculations.

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For the rest of us you can quickly determine where you fall in the grand scale of us average folks. Our BMI Calculator takes into its calculation a number of factors height, age, weight and gender. The results can be calculated in either metric Kc/cm or standard results. For instance: I am 5’11” tall, weight 200Lbs and am a 42 year old male. My BMI Calculation is 28.0 and overweight. How does the calculator come to that conclusion?

The BMI result is derived by multiplying your weight by 730 then dividing your height by the previous result that is in the range of 16+%.  Now to identify where you stand in the BMI Range: 18%-24.9% Healthy Weight Range, 25%-29.99% Overweight, 30% and more Obese, 40% and more morbidly obese. Not only can you use this calculation to determine if you’re overweight but it’s equally as effective in determining underweight.

There are a number of other things you can do to ensure your calculation is as accurate as possible.

1)      Weight yourself first thing in the morning.

2)      Measure your height accurately without shoes on.

3)      Make sure there are no typos in your numbers.

If you not a power lifter, professional wrestler or a professional football player you should be right on track for a perfect result and have a number in mind to strive for. We can all do better, it’s clear I have some work to do to get down to at least a 22.5 and the benefits are almost immeasurable. The first and most important is an extended and more energetic lifespan. Not to mention lower blood pressure, decreased risk of stroke and heart attack.

Here are some simple things you can do to take a step in the right direction towards reducing your BMI. Eat healthy foods like plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains rich in vitamins and minerals combined with regular exercise. Even if you don’t belong to a gym you can get out for a daily walk or jog do strength training at home or if you do belong to a gym keep in mind that exercise diversity is the most effective way to lose weight and burn fat quickly.

Rather than walking or jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a time try and change it up to ten minutes on the treadmill, ten minutes on the elliptical trainer and ten minutes on a row machine. This will not only keep your workout from getting boring but it will not allow your body to build up a resistance to a particular exercise to quickly and keep fat burning at its peak.

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