Why Are So Many Individuals Failing At Losing Weight?

One immediately assumes that it is because a person is lazy, does not exercise regularly, or that they have a food addiction and are gluttons. However, there are several factors that can determine or undermine why a person is failing at weight loss and losing body weight.

  1. Individuals are ignorant and unaware of the hazards of being overweight or obese. There are significant risks associated with having weight in an unhealthy range. However, most people adopt a diet or weight loss routine traditionally because they want to look thinner and change their appearance to make them more attractive. Although, looking better is a bonus and a great benefit of losing weight, it should not be the only reason someone incorporates a diet or weight loss regimen. What it really boils down to is that a person should realize that being obese can cause diseases, result in major health problems, and even kill them. Scientists have proven that losing weight and decreasing body fat can promote longevity and improve the quality of life. Knowing the risks associated with obesity will provide an individual with the ultimate motivation to lose weight.
  2. Individuals do not put the dedication and commitment into making the necessary lifestyle changes that lead to successful and permanent weight loss.  Often a diet is utilized as a temporary solution. However, the better mindset to accommodate is that of making healthy choices and committing to making permanent changes in diet that establish healthy long-term habits. Do not just go on a diet, adopt better habits that can be incorporated into life and long term health and weight maintenance.  
  3. It is very difficult to divide fact from fiction when it comes to the diet industry. So many people gain a clouded perspective and do not know the real truth about losing weight, burning fat, and maintaining a healthy weight long-term. For instance, a person will try a get skinny quick diet, and they may lose 20lbs in a month, BUT when they go back to their normal routine, they gain 30 lbs. back.
  4. People fail automatically at losing weight when they automatically think they have failed if they have cheated, splurged, or worked diligently and not lost weight in a week’s time. This gives them the ideal negative perspective that they can quit because their changes and diet is failing them anyway. Instead people should consider that in many realms of weight loss just because an obstacle arises does not mean that one should stop trying altogether. It should actually be about making choices, and choosing them wisely and integrating this into a lifestyle.
  5. Hidden calories, hidden fats, and unrealistic portion sizes are all huge culprits in failing at weight loss. When someone eats out at a restaurant so they realize that some meals consist of 2 days worth of fat grams and enough calories to sustain the body all day long. People need to understand how to read labels and understand which foods contain bad elements that make fat loss impossible, and which portions are realistic.


  1. Oops, I Did It Again says:

    Coffee itself isn't fattening but if you add cream and sugar the calories really add up.

    I suggest if you are doing a lifestyle change try drinking green tea. It's very good for you