The Myth Of Negative Calorie Foods

Negative Calorie Foods

Maybe because we so desperately want it to be true, the concept of negative calories foods refuses to fade away.  This myth has been around for decades and thanks to the internet and clever marketing ploys by authors and publishers of diet books, it keeps popping up, fooling the uninformed.  The problem with the whole idea of negative calories foods is that it simply isn’t true.

For those who haven’t heard of negative calories, it is the theory that the body burns off more energy and thus, more calories, by digesting such foods than the food actually contains, perpetuating the myth that simply by eating these foods, you will burn more calories than you take in. Taken to the next degree, this theory then promises rapid and efficient weight loss.

With so many people seeking ways to lose weight, the ease of this theory appeals to a certain portion of overweight people as nothing else is required of them.  Just like those magic diet pills; no exercise is necessary, no counting calories, or fat burning aerobics.  The notion is ludicrous yet the myth of negative calorie foods draws serious attention from those who prefer to cut corners rather than calories.

While it is true that some foods have a really low calorie count, there isn’t a single food that has absolutely no calories.  The theory of negative calorie foods comes from the faulty science of assigning an additional calorie burn to such foods.  For instance, celery is listed as the top negative calorie food around.  Proponents of the negative calorie theory claim that your body burns more calories eating and digesting celery than you take in from the celery.

The problem with this type of reasoning is that the eating and digesting burn of calories is already factored into the amount of calories originally assigned to the food.  It is that way for all foods keeping the calorie listing as an average or variable in every low fat diet plan.

Our bodies need to burn calories; that much is a fact.  The body burns over a thousand calories a day from just sitting and breathing.   All foods have a calorie count which eating and digestion is already factored into.  Now, you can eat these low calorie foods and perhaps lose weight but just to set the record straight, no matter how you slice it – you still receive calories from eating them.

There is no magic weight loss plan.  It takes determination and dedication to really lose weight.  Staring with a low fat diet plan is the best strategy there is.  Incorporating low calorie foods into your diet will certainly aid in your attempts to control or lower your weight, but falling victim to the myth of negative calorie foods isn’t going to help you in the long run.  It’s your body know what you are putting into it.

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