Do Energy Drinks Make You Fat?

Energy Drinks have swarmed the market, and are the epitome of what non-coffee drinkers need for their caffeine boost. However, by all means the market has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled since they were introduced to fast paced societies everywhere.With this vast notoriety comes skepticism that there are ramification and adverse health reactions from consuming these drinks. There are so many brands of energy drinks and so many various ingredients including that of sugar that you could and should be very concerned that energy drinks will make you fat. Here is the lowdown on energy drinks:

What Exactly Are Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine that are sold to consumers for the sole purpose of providing them energy through drinking the beverage. Think of them like coffee, however many energy drinks contain other ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and stimulants that can contribute to their memory, focus, mood, and other behaviors in health. There are many types of energy drinks such as sparks, red bull, rock star, amp, monster, and full throttle.

The Energy Drink Controversy:

Through their rising popularity energy drinks have had great controversy as to whether they are actually detrimental to an individual’s health. Studies have shown that the amount of caffeine that is present in most energy drinks is out of control not to mention the amount of sugars that they contain. What is worse is that people are using these as a crutch to gain energy in their daily activities much so as “speed” was once used. Although ephedrine and things of that nature have been banned, energy drinks are holding their own as the billion dollar market does not stand to lose a dime with the demand.

Problems With Energy Drinks:

  1. High Amounts Of Caffeine: Any amount of caffeine can be bad for a person, however unlike coffee, energy drinks are consumed rapidly and not sipped. In addition, like coffee energy drinks can be addicting. Some people consume them in very large doses or consistently. Some energy drinks have mixtures of vitamins and ingredients that are not meant to be consumed out of moderation.
  2. Hidden And Unlabeled Ingredients: Many types of energy drinks contain ingredients and components that are not labeled appropriately. It is very hard to decipher how much caffeine, sugar, vitamins, and substances that a person is consuming. This remains to be proven, however it is one more reason one should use caution when drinking the carbonated beverage.
  3. Combination Of Ingredients Could Pose Health Risks: The combination of ingredients possessed in energy drinks could pose health risks with how they interact with the body and together. Sometimes the potency of one ingredient enhances the potency of another increasing the effects in an adverse and overstimulating manner.
  4. High Amounts Of Sugar And Calories: Okay, are you ready for this one? One of the main problems with energy drinks is the very fact that most contain shocking amounts of sugar, worse than that of a can of soda pop. Sugar is known to be the main culprit of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, low blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. It also causes horrible tooth decay.
  5. Should Not Be Combined With Alcohol Or Exercise: Although not warranted on the label or publicly energy drinks are more dangerous when combined with exercise and with alcohol. One reason being because they may cause dehydration in the body due to their diuretic effect. Secondly, they can intensify the effects of the alcohol as they can interfere with how intoxicated an individual really is and how they feel. For this reason, when energy drinks and alcohol are combined, people actually drink more.

Why Do Energy Drinks Make You Fat?

The big issue at hand here is that if all these adverse attributes to energy drinks exist, why wouldn’t they make you fat? To validate the fact that energy drinks can indeed cause weight gain and make you fat here are some points:

  1. Sugar = Fat: Sugar transpires through the body and is mainly transformed to fat stores in the body, especially if a person has hereditary problems, hormone issues, is inactive in their lifestyle, and has blood glucose problems. Sugar=fat, so with the high content of sugar contained in energy drinks an individual who drinks them religiously could easily find themselves carrying extra weight in the form of fat stores, the most dangerous kind of weight gain there is. Sugar is also a carbohydrate which is burned by the body differently, and sugar contains calories which when not expended cause an individual to become fat or hinders weight loss.
  2. Never In Moderation: Most things are normally okay in moderation, however people find themselves almost addicted to the high that an energy drink provides them with. The sad fact here is that after the pure sugar and caffeine wears off, an individual is left with a crash where they crave more and more. This craving is rarely satiated as the cycle expands. The more an individual drinks the more they will eat and the more energy drinks they will crave which leads to over-consumption and later, weight gain.
  3. Hidden Calories And Sugar: The main thing about energy drinks that can make you fat is when you think that you are getting a health supplement, and that you may have the energy to work-out and then..boom you still don’t. You become dependent on energy drinks for many reasons, and you may think you are drinking something that is low calorie, but not all labels tell you what you are consuming.
  4. Drink More, Eat More: When a crash from energy drinks is experienced a person may feel the urge either to drink another energy drink to get them by, or to eat to cure the hunger and surrender to the feelings that the body needs sustenance to get it by, give it more energy, and feel whole again. This alone can make a person fat, because as they are drinking energy drinks they are enhancing their hunger and their body is holding on to everything it gets as FAT.

The Bottom Line:

Energy drinks have been the rave for sometime and there is no sign that their momentum is slowing down, however with the facts, studies, and known effects a person should really practice caution when consuming them. The bottom line with energy drinks is that well they really are not worth the hype, I would like to consider them a drug of sort. They provide a person with a high, and then a crash. They initiate cravings for more, and its an endless cycle. They have been studied for years, numerous warnings have been issued, and still they continue to be in demand. It is solely up to you what you choose, however why not eat healthy foods that provide natural energy, and attempt to become healthy by avoiding them entirely and perhaps you won’t have to wonder or care of energy drinks make you fat.

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  2. Joe Hanson says:

    “however with the facts, studies, and known effects ”

    Did I miss the studies that were cited? What facts? Without the aforementioned how are these “Known effects”?
    “Hidden And Unlabeled Ingredients” sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, really surprised no one has tried to take a bite out of the billion dollar industry.
    “Most things are normally okay in moderation” About the only thing that makes sense in this article, even water is bad when over done.
    Bottom Line:
    I was looking for information not rhetoric. Sounded more like the anti pot commercials from the 50’s and 60’s.

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