Smoking Cost Calculator

Calculate how much your nicotine habit is costing you by using this calculator and entering how many packs of cigarettes you smoke per day, and the cost of the brand of cigarettes you smoke!

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Quit Smoking and Free Up Some Money!

With the enormous recession occurring as we speak, people are squeezing pennies together just to put food on the table. This is why smoking  should not be really a priority for people who cannot afford it, or for that matter for people who can. Perhaps, you should use this calculator to face the reality of how much money you are actually spending on nicotine products. The majority of people who smoke do not even realize how much money it takes to support this horrible habit. The average individual smokes 2 packs a day, and at cheapest five dollars a pack, it can be equal to the amount of a car payment! If you free up that money you are spending on a risky and unhealthy habit, you could actually afford some real luxuries you think you have been missing, or better yet pay off some bills which have been compromised by your smoking habit.