Ovulation Calculator

Use this Ovulation Calculator to predict which time date and time of month you will be ovulating for fertility and birth control purposes by submitting your first day of your last menstrual period, and the average length of days between your menstrual cycle.

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Predicting Ovulation

Ovulation is what occurs when a woman is most fertile in her mensus cycle. Individuals use ovulation prediction for a couple of reasons. One being when an individual wants to naturally control child birth and the other being when a person wants to determine when they are most fertile when pregnancy is desired.  Although ovulation prediction can be very accurate way, it is not 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy or to produce one. Women are all unique in their menstrual cycles, however many people who use this method to predict fertile times have often been successful at whatever the purpose they were wanting to achieve. Use this calculator to find out which day you will be most fertile to either abstain from sex, prevent pregnancy, or participate in sexual intercourse to become pregnant!