Cigarette Savings Calculator

Use’s Cigarette savings Calculator to see how much money you can save if you quit smoking by putting in the amount of money it costs per pack, and how many packs of cigarettes you smoke a day!

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Smoking Costs a Lot of Money

Smoking is not a privilege anymore in today’s society- it is a luxury! The price of nicotine products has significantly risen with federal tax laws in place as well as separate state laws. The local and federal governments are so pushing for individuals to stop smoking and have even banned smoking in public places in several large states. However, people continue to pay the enormous prices for their cigarettes as a great result of the addiction that it creates for the human body.

Smoking can lead to serious health issues such as low birth weight babies if pregnant, respiratory problems, and at worst cancer. If you know smoking is killing you, and you could be spending that money elsewhere more productively then destroying your lungs and health- try quitting and realize how much money you can save by simply or not so simply quitting.