Child Height Calculator

Use our Child Height Calculator to predict what height your child will grow to be in adulthood by easily entering the gender of the child, the height of the mother, and height of the father.

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Predicting Your Child’s Height

Have you ever wondered what height your child will be when he/she comes to adulthood? Actually many people wonder about this, and now using a combination of a gender medium and both parent’s height,’s calculator enables you to predict how tall your child may grow to. Use this calculator for fun, out of curiosity, and to get a glimpse of whether your child just might turn out taller than you!

Although, there is no certainty what height your child may wind up at, this calculator can provide a good estimate as to what to expect. Just bare in mind that there is no sure-fire method to predict how tall or short your child will be as every person is unique no matter what genes and hereditary factors play into it.

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