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A Carbohydrate Calculator makes it simple to implement a low-carbohydrate diet into your lifestyle. Just submit your weight, height, age, gender, and activity level, and this calculator will predict the amount of carbohydrates you need to consume per day!

In the last decade a revolution of the low carb diets has created a science for people to drop weight rapidly and successfully. Although some people swear by their low carb diets, skeptics also have their opinions of whether or not carbohydrates are as bad as they are made to be.

You can decide for yourself which diets are most effective for you, however knowing how many carbohydrates you need to consume for your specific circumstance can be very useful in customizing a Low Carb/Low Fat diet plan best suited for you.

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To Carb Or Not To Carb?

Some people are in sway over whether or not they should consume carbohydrates in their diet. The amount of carbohydrates and individual requires is dependent upon many things such as age, height, weight, gender, and specifically- activity level. Activity level plays an important role in how many carbohydrate grams a person needs to sustain their energy. Carbohydrates are foods that possess sugars, essential fibers, starches, and grains. These foods transpire in the body and are exported as energy.

If you have tried many diets, and have failed miserably- you may want to try a low carb diet. Eating a diet high in proteins can assist your body in muscle building as well as help you to lose excess body weight and fat. However, it is important to remember that the body cannot function properly without a certain amount of carbohydrate calories.

Good Carbs versus Bad Carbs

I am sure that you have heard the terms good carbs and bad carbs. However what are they really, and  how can you decipher which ones you should eat, and how much you can eat?

  • Good Carbs- Good carbs as they are often referred, are foods that contain carbohydrates that are not detrimental to glucose levels in the body, are natural whole foods that are less the preservatives, sugars, and that are refined. Good carbs also have shown that they do not cause weight and fat retention. These carbs serve the purpose of supplying the body with energy, however they do not pose the detriments that so called bad carbs do. Good carbohydrate foods are: natural grains,green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, beans, whole-grain cereal products, and legumes.

Bad Carbs- Bad carbohydrates are mainly foods derived from sugars, white flours, processed foods, and that are not refined. These carbs can cause adverse health effects and  can result in blood glucose level fluctuations which cause fat to be stored in the body. They may assist the body in obtaining energy, however these energy spurts are short-lived as the glucose levels crash. Bad Carb foods are: baked goods that are sweets, white breads, white rice, candies, snacks, non-diet soda pops, and pastas. There are many associated health risks with consuming too many bad carb foods such as heart disease, hypertension, increased risk of cancer, high body fat ratio, and diabetes.

Counting Carbs

It is very easy to count carbs, and once you know how many carbohydrates your body needs, you can begin to monitor your carbohydrate intake closely. In order to count carbs, you will need to keep close track of reading labels of food. If the labels seem unclear, and you are having a hard time consult the Internet. It has many resources to help you with the nutritional content and carbohydrate percentages in food. Also you may want to write in a food diary so that you can see each day how many carbohydrates you need, and which system is working best in your weight loss endeavors.

How Many Carbs Does My Body Require Per Day?

The amount of carbohydrates a person needs to consume per day as discussed above will vary according to several factors, mainly activity. The more energy your body burns, the more carbohydrates you will need to eat to produce the energy to sustain you. However each persons hereditary, body make up, and circumstances are unique. You can find out how your ideal carbohydrate intake by using our carbohydrate calculator above. This will give you an accurate estimate of what can help you to improve your weight loss results.

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