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Knowing Your BMR is very crucial to your optimal health. Although it is similar to the BMI (Body Mass Index), it should not be confused with it. In order to calculate your BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) plug in your weight, height, age, and gender!

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What is BMR (Base Metabolic Rate)?

Base Metabolic Rate is a numeral that is produced to indicate how much calories you burn when sedentary, sleeping, and not performing any activity, hence base meaning (normal when not in movement or exercise.) Everyone’s BMR is unique as each body requires a certain amount of food energy to sustain it, however BMR is also dependent on gender, muscle mass, age, height, and current weight.

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BMI and BMR, What is the difference?

It is important to differentiate the difference of BMI and BMR as the two often get confused. BMI is the amount of body fat that a person has in ratio to the amount of muscle mass the possess. BMI is also used as an effective indicator of health problems that can occur when a person carries a vast amount of body fat for their age, height, and weight. BMR is that of metabolism and a certain amount of calories that are burned when an individual is asleep or not moving. BMR can assist an individual in knowing which target rate they need to hit in order to burn an excess of calories that result in sustained and consistent weight loss. Base metabolic rate can also help a person understand how much food they need to eat in order to gain, maintain, or lose weight.

How to change your BMR

An individual’s BMR fluctuates and varies as we discussed previously, however an individual can change their BMR in several manners. Age is an enormous thing, because as people age their metabolism naturally decreases. Haven’t you ever noticed that as you grow older it becomes more difficult to drop weight, and when you were younger  you could easily diet or change a few habits and that weight fell off?

People mistakenly think that if they eat way less their BMR will change or improve, but this is not the case as sometimes it often harms your BMR and slows it further. When a person fasts, starves, or drastically decreases their calorie intake, they can stunt their metabolism into slowing down. This is because the body stores food, it does not know when it will get nutrition again. There are many ways you can utilize to improve your BMI so that you can lose weight more effectively, here are a few:

Eat more often: Eating more often can improve your BMR. How you ask? If you choose low calorie foods and snacks, and eat 5-6 small meals per day, you trick your metabolism. It knows it has sustenance thus it will not use that food for fat stores, instead it will burn the food. By burning the food your metabolism will naturally increase as it takes calories for your body to process and burn the food and calories you consume.

Exercise regularly: It is obvious that exercise burns calories and Revs your metabolism up. Even after continuous exercise the human body proceeds to burn calories. Exercising regularly can burn extra body fat and calories. When you work out, your metabolism is also tricked into pulling fat stores and calories from your body. It consistently does this when you are rest, which can enable your body to require more calories and increase your BMR so you burn more calories when not in action.

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