Should Men Take Diet Supplements For Weight Loss?

With the increasing hype over “wonder” diet pills that claim to make you lose 10 pounds in a week, it’s no wonder that so many consider taking these supplements too. Hundreds of thousands of pills are on the market devoted to helping people lose weight. Men tend to shy away from “diet” supplements, but gravitate towards those geared specifically towards building fitness. Those instincts may be correct.

What Causes Obesity in Men?

Over the past 25 years, the number of American men who are obese has doubled. One of the main reasons that so many men struggle with obesity is a sedentary lifestyle coupled with a fast food culture. A genetic predisposition towards obesity can contribute to weight gain, as can a tendency to eat larger portions.

Men tend to gather most of their weight around their midsection, putting excess weight on the liver, which can lead to diabetes. Once they reach the age of 35, men tend to gain weight because muscles become replaced by fatty tissues that require less energy to maintain.

How to Diet

Many men dislike using the term “diet,” so the use of “diet pills” may seem undesirable. Men diet to reduce their risks of serious health complications and to feel good about their looks. Men like to focus on brawniness, bodybuilding and stamina instead of getting slim.

The diet supplements that appeal most to men promise to increase energy and sports performance. The entire men’s supplement industry focuses on men who want to gain more muscle mass and lose their flab around the midsection. Diet supplements are also popular for men on the go, as busy schedules and hectic lifestyles don’t always allow time for proper eating and exercise.

Do Diet Supplements Work?

Some people believe that it is better to avoid pills altogether, whether for specifically for weight loss or for body building. The best approach to weight loss is to use a combination of healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. Supplements can help but most have not proven themselves to work.

Are Diet Pills Safe?

When considering supplements, think about this: Supplements do not require approval by a regulating body like the FDA before they go on the market. Only after harm is shown will the FDA pull a product from the shelves. That means every new supplement to come along is a potential danger. Stick, with trusted products and consider sports nutrition supplements, which show the most promise for weight loss.  Supplements such as creatine, protein formulas, amino acids and fat burners have at least shown a subtle boost to weight loss efforts. However, you can’t just take them for a few weeks and expect to lose weight. You must eat well, exercise often and continue taking supplements for an extended time. Even then, the advantage these supplements offer is only slight.[1]

Some diet pills such as Ephedra were later proven harmful and taken off the market after already being sold to the masses. It’s best if you choose weight loss, mens health, fitnesssupplements that are clinically proven, so read independent reviews and research carefully before taking any product. Some of the best places to find accurate information on supplements are WebMD and the Mayo Clinic. You should also check with your healthcare provider before starting any diet plan.

While shying away from diet supplements because they seem geared towards women doesn’t make sense, it does makes sense to shy away from products without proven benefits. Because they are unregulated, they may not be safe in the first place. Stick with proven safe products that offer the best chance of weight loss success.