Why Do Diets Fail?

Why Do Diets Fail?

Take a look at the store shelves in the diet and health section sometime and you will see a multitude of diet pills, diet plans, diet foods, and diet gizmos and gadgets all enticing you to use their product promising that you will lose weight.  Well, folks, there isn’t a magic pill that will lose the weight for you.  It all boils down to you.  The government has come down hard on many of the weight loss programs because of such false claims of permanent weight loss.  Stats say that 95% of those who buy such products end up gaining the weight back.  Why?

Nothing can lose the weight for you; you alone have that capability.  It isn’t easy and will take some real determination.  There isn’t a one plan fits all here.  Over the past decades, hundreds of weight loss plans have been marketed and sold to those looking to lose weight.  But are these plans the right one for you?  Maybe not!

The most popular weight loss plans fall into the following categories:  medical, surgical, psychological, nutritional, exercise, and therapeutic strategies.  From the marketing aspect, none of these strategies come close to personalizing the approach to weight loss.  A plan that works for one may not help anther.  And none of them have any type of guarantee that the weight will stay off over the long term.

The answer really lies in integrating each element into your personal and unique low fat diet plan. Elements such as: genetics, medical history, current health, finances, current level of fitness, your taste in foods, and your unique psychology, biochemistry and metabolism are all a crucial components in determining the best overall strategy for you in a customized, personal lifestyle change.  These elements can certainly change as your lives change, yet they may determine the long lasting effectiveness of your weight loss plan.  Making it personal may help make it permanent.

Studies done in China have observed, for centuries, the symptoms of obesity. Symptoms can number into the hundreds and include: skin color, body parts including your tongue, your excretions both urine and stools, how well you are breathing as well a concentrated look at your overall feeling of health.  Their success rate is at 80% in treating obesity in this way while America stands with a 95% failure rate in permanently and successfully treating obesity.

The ‘thin is in’ philosophy that we currently espouse has many of us continuing to try to lose weight often ending in a series of yo-yo dieting.  This isn’t healthy for our minds or our bodies. The thin mentality has brought about a real awakening concerning the dangers of obesity as well as the need to keep our bodies in better condition.  It is more than just laziness that makes one overweight and the deeper we delve into all of the personal elements of our lives; the more likely it is that we will find the appropriate, healthy and unique plan for each one of us.