Why BMI (Body Mass Index) Is So Important

Your Body Mass Index is Important

BMII am sure you have heard of the body mass index or BMI before, but are you really aware of its importance in your health and life. Body mass index is a numeric scale that is used to measure your weight relative to your height, a loose indicator of the percentage of body fat. This is ideal for noting great risks that are associated with being overweight and obese. A BMI takes into account and individual’s age, weight, height, and places them in a category which is either healthy weight, obese, overweight, or morbidly overweight or obese. Knowing your BMI can change your life.

Reasons Your BMI Is Important:

There are constant studies taking place that are linking diseases, decreased longevity, and  high ratios of body fat per pound a person weighs. With this being said, it is crucial that a person understands what obesity could do to their health. Here are some health issues that a high BMI can indicate:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease- Inactivity, consuming bad foods, and overindulgence in fatty foods can result in cardiovascular disease in which fat stores harden and take over the arteries and lead to other problems. Eating healthier and lowering your body mass index can help ward off the odds of getting cardiovascular disease.
  2. High Blood Pressure- High blood pressure is one of the leading culprits that can be curbed and naturally treated with diet and exercise. If your BMI is high, chances are you have high blood pressure or at least pre-hypertension.
  3. Strokes and Heart Attacks- Strokes and heart attacks are usually caused by plaque build up in the arteries and blood. Plaque is a result of hardening of fat that is not naturally broken down in the body. This is a result  of fat accruing from over-consumption of high fat content foods. Knowing your BMi and using a BMI calculator can help you address this problem and adjust your diet accordingly.

There are many more health issues such as increased risk of breast cancer, high risk of diabetes, and high cholesterol that is indicative of a high ratio BMI that is why it is important to know your BMI and always make efforts to remain in a healthy weight to body fat ratio.

Low BMI Ratio and The Risks Associated:

Although a BMI calculator can help you determine whether your body consists of more fat than it should, having too low amount of body fat can also detriment your health. When a person contains a 18.5 BMI or less they are at risk of not having enough body fat to sustain their body functions and are considered malnourished. Here are some health issues associated with low body fat:

  1. Low Immunity- When you are not getting adequate nutrition, and your body fat BMI is below 18%, you may suffer from immune diseases that will enable you to get sick easy, and not fend off illnesses properly.
  2. Cancer Risks- Studies have demonstrated that people who are malnourished and do not get enough fat in their diet can fall prey to numerous types of cancers. Good foods such as vegetables and fruits have elements that protect cell growth and fend off cancers and diseases.
  3. Osteoporosis, Bone Fractures & Breaks- Proper nutrition and fat intake helps to promote healthy bone growth. If you do not consume enough of the foods that have health vitamins and minerals, you can wind off with brittle bones, arthritis, and even osteoporosis.

In addition, to these health issues medical scientists have also linked digestive diseases and respiratory disorders to malnutrition. It is best if you stay within a healthy BMI range between 18.-24.99. Uselowfatdietplan’s  BMI Calculator to determine your BMI and health risk range.

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  1. stavrosmike says:

    Ugh, I mistyped something in my response so you might get something a bit weird in the comment, xD sorry, but if you end up getting the “comment response” thing, I meant to say “vegetables”, not “vegetarians”.

  2. Steve Parker, M.D. says:

    Good luck with the blog! I’ll drop by now and then to see what’s up.

    As health care reform efforts heat up in Congress in the near future, I’m sure they’ll ignore the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. When we prevent cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer and diabetes with the Mediterranean diet, that’s less money we have to spend on them.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word.


  3. Jeff Murrell says:

    Dr. Pat,
    Thank you for responding to your concerns regarding my post. I agree that, “each woman should follow the medical advice of a doctor familiar with her personal and family medical history.”
    My comment was simply a review of the current literature available on this topic. Dr. Patrick Borgen makes a comment that I would agree with, “It is simply not possible to control each and every variable in a way that might lead to such black and white conclusions”. If you believe this to be true, the alcohol studies would also fall under this same criticism.
    I have taken the data available in the scientific literature and tried to present it in a balanced way. Most studies (not all) indicate there is an increased risk of breast cancer with increased alcohol consumption. I noted this as my first point. Most studies (not all) indicate that folic acid may reduce the excess risk of breast cancer associated with alcohol consumption. This is the current state of the scientific literature on the topic.
    If women drink, I would prefer them to know that adequate folic acid levels may reduce the excess risk of breast cancer associated with alcohol consumption.

  4. MrsVoiceOverGuy says:

    Loud snoring and other sleep complaints may indicate a high risk of diabetes or heart disease.


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