What Is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap Band Surgery – Weight Loss Has Never Been So Easy!

There are numerous ways in which modern medicine can help an obese individual lose weight in a hurry. When most people think of weight loss, they think of diets, but there is a whole other realm called bariatric surgery. These surgical procedures physically modify a human’s body to help them lose weight. One of the safest, easiest and most flexible forms of bariatric surgery is called laparoscopic gastric band surgery, or lap band surgery…

What Is Lap Band Surgery?

The goal of most bariatric surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach so the patient will feel full when they have eaten very few calories. The way in which a lap band surgical procedure achieves this is simple – a band like mechanism (usually made from silicone) is wrapped around the patients stomach, making a very small pouch at the top of it. When the patient eats a little bit of food, that area fills up, the brain receives the signal that the stomach is full, and the patient stops eating. Since the patient has eaten less and has not met their caloric needs for the day, they will lose weight. The size of the stomach “pouch” can be adjusted to the specific patients needs.

How Does Lap Band Surgery Work

The way in which a lap band is inserted around the stomach of a patient is actually quite fascinating. It is inserted using a procedure called laparoscopic surgery. Basically, the physician makes a few small holes in the midsection of the patients body, and by using a tiny video camera and long, thin medical tools, the physician wraps the silicone band around the patients stomach, tightens it up, and closes everything back up. Most people would think a procedure like this would be a huge undertaking, but that is not the case. The recovery time is a lot shorter than other forms of bariatric surgeries, and the patient is back on their feet, functioning normally in no time.

Potential Side Effects of Safety Concerns

As with any major surgery or procedure like this, there are a few potential side effects. As with all bariatric procedures, though, as long as it is performed by a doctor who has experience in this area, there is nothing to worry about. Anything that may happen as a result of a lap band procedure can usually be fixed quite easily.

Ideal Candidate for Lap Band Surgery

The ideal candidate for a lap band procedure is the same as any other bariatric surgery candidate – extremely obese, (BMI over 40) obesity related health issues (potential or realized), and the inability to stick to a traditional diet.

If you are very overweight and are ready to change your ways, make an appointment with your doctor and discuss the possibility of a lap band procedure as soon as possible. There is no easier way for you to lose weight, regain your health, and start enjoying your life again!

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