Weight Loss Calculator

Looking to see what you need to do to get to your target weight?  Our weight loss calculator can help.  Just input your current weight, then input your desired weight, and you’ll see the number of calories per day you can eat to achieve your goal in a relatively short amount of time.

What Is a Weight Loss Calculator?

A weight loss calculator is a tool used to calculate the caloric intake level you need to be at in order to lose weight in a reasonable time period. Weight loss calculators have become one of those essential tools you can use when planning your fitness goals.  These calculators can provide the necessary information to help you make a clear cut goal, and can help you establish the foundation of a routine and diet plan that will help you lose weight.  One of the biggest benefits is that you’ll avoid cutting back too drastically…even those on a strict diet need calories…calories are the energy that keeps your body going through the day.  Cut back too much, and you won’t have enough energy to do normal activities, never mind exercise.

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How To Use a Weight Loss Calculator:

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One of the best attributes to a weight loss calculator is it’s ease of use and convenience. Diets, and weight loss in general, can sometimes feel complicated.  Any tool that makes things easier and more convenient,  like weight loss calculators,  helps simplify your approach, and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.

Make sure you have the necessary information available such as your current weight, height, and age so thatthe result is as accurate as possible. Some weight loss calculators actually ask for information like how much time you have to lose a certain amount of weight, and how much you would like to lose over a specific period.  Make sure you know what your initial goals are and this will help the calculator to determine your result.  Also, be sure to keep your goals realistic…losing more than a couple of pounds a week can be unsafe, and it’s certainly not sustainable.

Once you have your numbers all correct, then just enter the numbers according to what the calculator is requesting to be filled in. There usually is a button that says get results or calculate now. Choose that button and wait for your results.  You may want to try calculators from several different websites, as their results often vary a bit.   Try a few, and avoid the ones that show number significantly higher or lower than the others.

Interpreting Your Results:

When your results are determined, you will want to at least write them down or print them out. There are many ways that you can utilize the information that the weight loss calculator has provided you with. You can start a weight loss plan, record the numbers in your journal, and begin plotting which diet and exercise program you want to follow  based on the caloric intake level recommended by the calculator. These calculators have a great way of providing a basis for developing a weight loss plan. Use it to your benefit, get motivated, get inspired, and get going.  The tools can simplify your weight loss process, but only you can make them happen!


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    Hey Lowfatdietplan,
    Thanks for the info, Determining how many calories you need to maintain your current weight is not nearly as difficult as it seems. After reading this short article, you should have a firm understanding of how to estimate how many calories your body needs to run efficiently.
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  2. Jessica says:

    Great info! We want to lose weight because we want to feel better and improve our personal life. It’s not easy, but there are ways. One thing is that we need learn to accept. Once we learn to accept, we will be eager to laugh, and we will feel better inside.


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