Use Your Weekends to Keep Fitness and Diet Plan on Track

Be a slouch all week while keeping the health benefits of exercise!

We all know those people who somehow manage to do it all: work full-time, raise three kids and still find time to exercise and look great. So, how do they do it? Well, the secret might be less in finding time to do it all and simply finding time to do it all at once.

Researchers have just found that it doesn’t matter whether you work out 30 minutes, five days a week, or cram in 150 minutes one day a week. The health benefits are the same. The study that came out of Queen’s University monitored 2,324 adults. Each participant wore accelerometers on their waists to record the subjects’ movements every minute. It didn’t matter whether the activity was frequent or infrequent (even active only one day a week), if the participant reached 150 minutes of physical activity a week, they all gained similar health benefits.

That’s great news for those of us who spend our weekdays working at our jobs and then try to spend our weeknights keeping our bodies in shape. Now, you can simply get home from work and relax. Unwind and let your mind and body rest. Save your workout for the weekend when you’re in the mood to play, anyway.

Five Fun Ways to Lose Weight on the Weekend

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Party. If you go out partying with friends, consider it your workout. Literally, dance your butt off, and keep the cocktails to a minimum. You’ll save your waste and your liver.

Play. Take your kids (or dog) to the park, but don’t park your rump on a bench. Run around and play. Let your little companions set the pace, and you’ll have your heartbeat up in no time.

Clean. Load yourself up a bucket full of cleaning supplies and go to town on your house. Not only will you get your weekly 150 minutes in, but come Monday morning, that clean house will be a great way to wake up and start the week fresh.

Date Active. Avoid dates that involve too much sitting. Instead, find yourself something fun to do. Walk through a museum, explore a zoo, visit an art exhibit, or even go play paintball. You and your date will connect better, and you can get your exercise in.

Stroll. Whether you take a stroll around the block, out in the fresh country air, push a stroller around the mall, or simply park further away from the store than necessary, get your feet moving.

Stop Counting Weekdays and Make Your Weekends Count

Get through the week with a little more energy left over, and you’ll be able to truly make your workouts count. Just remember the magic number, 150, and you’ll be the one everyone is trying to figure out. How does she do it?!

There is nothing more deflating than when you look back and realize you missed four days of workouts. With this new study, however, that’s no big deal. As long as you still manage to fit in 150 minutes of physical activity, you didn’t lose any health benefits! Now that’s motivation!

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