Top Health Information Sites

Top Health Information Sites:

Health care is a delicate issue and must be handled with care misleading information can lead to people misdiagnosing themselves and causing more problems than was originally wrong in the first place. Poor health care websites often include outdated information, imprecise symptom checkers, and inaccurate data. Other websites are not user friendly or are too complicated for the average user to effectively utilize.  A careful review of the best health websites can help minimize false and misleading information, though none of these websites should be used in the place of professional help.

1.      Aetna Intelihealth: is among the best health websites, at This website is partnered with many universities including Harvard medical school and Columbia University, and several dental schools. The website maintains its independence from the Aetna insurance company to provide the most accurate and unbiased information as possible. The website is a gold mine for disease and treatment information. There are several interactive health tools to give a possible diagnosis of any health problems including Ask the Expert, a personal health email service, and active discussion forums.

2. is another one of the best health websites.  All information has been written and reviewed by physicians who are members of the American Academy of Family Physicians. The website supports Spanish and includes a varied list of A-Z conditions, a medical dictionary, health calculators for body mass index and cholesterol, healthy living and smart patient’s guides, and a health tip of the day.

3.      Mayo Clinic: at has a wonderful website with comprehensive health and medical information.  The healthy living guides are accurate and easy to understand.  It also boasts an interactive health tool section, treatment decision guides, blogs; pods casts, and ask a specialist feature. The site is constantly reviewed for errors.

4.      MedlinePlus: at is another of the webs best health websites, with 18,000 links to current medical information and has been evaluated by the National Library of Medicine. It displays drug information and interactions, the latest health news, directories of doctors and hospitals, and interactive health tutorials. Its most notable feature is a medical encyclopedia with information on over 750 health topics. The website also supports Spanish. It remains one of the best health websites.

5. Another one of the best health websites is It is owned by the popular WebMD Company. The website is easy to navigate and provides accurate, detailed medical information for consumers through its interactive website. The content is monitored and edited by the 70 U.S. board certified physicians. The website includes an email newsletter, web videos, daily health news, and a symptom checker.

6.      Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Resources for Families deal directly with pediatrics and mental, developmental, or behavioral disorders at This is one of the best health websites because it provides in depth information for parents who may have nowhere else to turn for information. This website provides a support forum, alternative treatments for these behavioral disorders, and links to find psychiatrists to help children.

This is a small sampling of the best health websites. These websites have great tools to help health consumers find out if their potential health problems are aches and pains or more serious medical conditions. Each of these best health websites hosts an in depth encyclopedia put into understandable terms, an interactive diagnosing program that is body part specific, and support forums for people to share their experiences and support others.

Most of the best health websites include large databases of local physicians, pediatricians, dentists, psychiatrists, and other health care professionals. This is all valuable information to everyday people; often times it helps to detect health issues early before they can become life threatening, in other cases they help to determine that an issue may not be serious at all.

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