The Healthy Alphabet

Have you ever heard of the healthy alphabet? I did neither until i read this. Every letter is used to describe a food product and tell you more about the up and down sides of that particular product. It’s not just funny, you can really learn from it too!

The A-Z list Of What’s Good For You -
Confused by all the different health advice out there? Try this A to Z list for tips on which foods are good for you, and which you should avoid….



  1. Bradley W says:

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  2. Dick Nasty says:

    Girl I am trying to do the same thing but what I learned to do is eat less fat , walk more, do lunges, and wait until your older. Big thighs are actually healthy to have.

  3. icefraction says:

    There is a level 3 this workout just exactly what you're describing…I do it everyday except on days where I have tournaments

  4. Terri T Clason says:

    Hi, great blogsite! This post in particular speaks to me. I’ve always been paranoid about finding “the right food” when traveling, but never considered just fasting. It’s funny that I strive for fat loss by worrying about eating, rather than simply not eating and not worrying!

    Since I found your blog, I was able to find other blogs and info on intermittent fasting, and this eating pattern has made my fat loss SOOO much easier… so far, 8.5 kg!!

    Thanks and I visit all the time now. Looking forward to your next posting.

  5. kelly says:

    You can boost your immunity too during this period! Many natural foods actually help. Anise and turmeric (found in curries), vitamin c, omega 3 oils.

    My brother swears by Krill oil (better than salmon oil). 3 ties he ran out of it and 3 times he fell ill!

    Sunshine also helps the body to create Vitamin D. Without Vitamin D, your calcium and magnesium cannot be absorbed. Any one deficiency leads to poor immunity (easy to fall sick even to common cold).