Suppress Your Appetite With Lemons

Scientific research conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Barbara J. Rolls, a professor at both The Pennsylvania State University and the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine, has demonstrated over time that consuming a “soup” like lemon juice and water reduces and suppresses appetite substantially. On average, a two-cup (480 ml) serving of soup before a meal reduces a total consumption of food calories by 150 to 250 calories.

It’s Not All About Weight, though. You won’t lose a lot of weight because you were more satisfied with 250 fewer calories at breakfast, however your brain functioning will improve greatly. Instead of getting rid of the by-products of burned sugar, your brain will be free to fight against any inflammation and transform the neurotransmitters into being adept for sharper focus, concentration, and focus. This is the initial benefit of your lemon juice and water detoxification—and you will experience this- before you have even begun your workday.

Feel free to drink more lemon juice and water at your morning break. It is better that you do not drink coffee or tea (even green tea), but if you simply must have them, drink! Just add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon to a cup (240 ml) of water before you have that coffee, tea, or (if you absolutely must) soft drink. Note, it’s recommended for your best interest, that you consume the entire lemon, however if you really can’t- then  at least consume half and preserve the other 1/2 for your next session.

When lunchtime arrives- try to drink one tall glass of water and lemon juice about ½ hour before you eat.  Remember, the more pulp you can drink, the more lemon essence, the better it will work in your behalf. Once again, the lemon juice and water will curb your appetite, and fill your stomach up. You won’t want to skip lunch, however, but you will feel full with the consumption of less food amount. Eat what you usually eat, but make a point of including at least some vegetables and preferably some fruits with your noontime meal. It is crucial to avoid sweets, alcohol, tea, and coffee at this time.

In the afternoon, drink lemon juice and water as a pick-me-up. If you ordinarily have a little snack in the afternoon, that’s permissible, but always consumes your lemon juice and water first. This will enable you to feel more satisfied.

When you go home to eat dinner, have one more glass of lemon juice and water. If you eat with your family, enjoy your food! But that evening, eat less, as little as possible which will still leave you feeling satisfied. The reason for this is that tonight is when the real work of your detoxification will be done.


  1. LiuKunlin says:

    Lemon Juice Diet For Simple Hassle Free Detoxification: Lemon Juice Diet For Simple Hassle Free Detoxification.

  2. damnCHORTi says:

    11. Drink milk at breakfast, shed 5 pounds . Your more likely to eat fewer calories at lunch if you start w| milk in the morning.

  3. Cupido-Ctba says:

    You should keep doing the workouts before breakfast, but try to do no more than 30 minutes of cardio, b/c after that, the body starts using muscle for energy, you're probably not destroying for metabolism, b/c lifting weights and working out actually raise it, but try to eat breakfast as soon as you're done with the workouts