Weight Loss/Meal Plans?

I am looking for a weight loss program that will help me lose 45-50 lbs quickly (but still in a healthy way). I need a strict “program” with steps to follow and exact plans of what to eat. Does anyone know of a cost/time efficient way to do this?


  1. sweetybabe says:

    there is no easy solution to weight loss. if you really want to loose weight for life, you have to do it 2lbs per week. if you do it any other way, i am 100% sure it will not stay off.

    do aerobic work outs at least 3 times a week, drink 2 liters of water.

    eat eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, and chicken breast w/ veggies for dinner.

    its the only way.

    good luck.
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  2. The Free Energy Drink Dude says:

    The weight loss plan I am on has a good routine but it does allow you to eat normal foods. I have lost 27 pounds (20 more to go) in just over 40 days on this plan and it is natural and healthy. Good luck 2 you and I know that you CAN do it if I can and I am
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  3. ashley y says:

    PLEASE read ALL of this. its very correct info and WILL help you.

    don’t try to loose it fast. please. if you do, it is usually unhealthy and you will gain it back.

    you cannot "spot reduce". its just not possible. maybe spot tone.. like tone up your calfs or whatever.. but spot reduction isn’t possible [w/out lipo and other surgeries]

    when you loose weight, it comes off everywhere, and very slowly. don’t give up.

    take time and read all these articles [it might take a while but its totally worth it.]


    now heres what i say:
    – eat less and more often [like every 3 hours, eat 200-300 calories]
    – drink plenty of water
    – walk. alot. [then once you are able to walk alot w/out getting tired, try running or other things]
    – don’t starve yourself. don’t go on those fad diets [lose 10 pounds in 5 days!! etc] you will just gain the weight back.
    – after you lose the weight, keep eating healthy and excersizing. it CAN come back.
    – alcohol is empty calories. don’t drink.

    that’s all i can think of for now.

    if you do all those things i said and what is in those weibsites and it still doesnt work, buy this book:

    -title: YOU: the owners Manual.
    -author: Micheal F. Roizen & Mehmet C. Oz
    it teaches you all about your body, health, excersize, the healthy way to do things, everything. i learned soooo much form it. even for non-overweight people it is a great book to have.

    also knowing your blood type will help you figure out which foods are good & bad for you. i dont know what the book is called but im sure you could go to a popular book store or a health store and ask them about it. It just tells you about what foods are good and bad for you for each bloodtype, and many other things about it too. its a great book sorry i dont know the name.

    remember: read all those articles in the links. they will truly help. and dont give up. it will probably be really hard.

    you shouldnt do "juice/liquid" diets. they supposedly clean out your intestines, liver, etc. BUT, the truth is, is that those things clean themselves. honestly. The liver is your cleaning system for your body, skipping meals and only drinking liquid wont help. trust me. im well informed.

    hope i helped! you dont need luck- i know you can do it.
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    i have alot of health, diet and fitness books. and i am also in a very good health class.

  4. Fat G says:

    Lose weight with negative calorie foods

    The foods, which utilize more calories to digest than the calorie foods in fact have, are known as negative calorie foods. It is harder for the body to consume calories from these negative calorie foods. I mean to say that our body has to work hard in order to take out calories from these foods. With this kind of food very small amount of calorie actually turn in to fat, as there is very small amount of calorie available.

    You will get the maximum benefit of negative calorie foods when you take them alone without any junk food. There are large number of fruits and vegetables, which are having negative calorie results. Some of these foods are Raspberry, papaya, strawberry, zucchini, Carrot, Beets, and Asparagus.

    Here is the complete listing of Negative calorie foods


    * Apple

    * Cantaloupe

    * Honeydew

    * Grapefruit

    * Blueberries

    * Mango

    * Papaya

    * Peach

    * Lemon/Lime

    * Orange

    * Pineapple

    * Raspberry

    * Strawberry

    * Tomato

    * Tangerine

    * Turnip

    * Watermelon


    * Asparagus

    * Beet Root

    * Broccoli

    * Cabbage

    * Carrot

    * Cauliflower

    * Celery

    * Chicory

    * Hot Chili

    * Cucumber

    * Garden cress

    * Garlic

    * Green Beans

    * Lettuce

    * Onion

    * Radish

    * Spinach

    * Turnip

    * Zucchini

    So you should go for negative calorie foods in order to lose weight in your daily routine.

  5. konagold_20 says:

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