Do you have to exercise to lose weight effectively?

I just cant stand exercising, and I do not really have the time in my hectic schedule to accommodate any type of exercise. I need to lose about 20lbs, and am wondering do I have to exercise to lose weight effectively? I know that most people consider exercise in combination with a healthy diet the only true blue way to lose weight, however i do know quite a few people who lose weight without exercising. Also, I want to lose body fat and trim down my stomach. Are there any effective products on the market that can help me burn fat without having to exercise?


  1. boxx says:

    I wouldn’t mind to losing another TEN pounds! I’m on the daily elliptical and low fat diet plan for life.

  2. Matichel says:

    The reason starving yourself does not work is because your body ends up storing all the food you DO eat as fat. When your body goes into starvation mode, it is preparing for famine because it doesn’t know when you will next be able to feed it. When you do feed it, your metabolism is slowed because it wants to save as much energy from that food as it can, meaning it stores the food you eat as fat. Your body is trying to protect you so that when you run out of food, it can use your fat for energy.

    The problem with this is that you can’t keep up a "starvation diet". You’ll be malnourished, tired, weak, irritable, and generally unhealthy. When you do eat more food, your body because it’s in starvation mode, will continue to store that food as fat.