New Planet Discovered 2010

New Planet Discovered 2010

Very exciting discovery and it really get’s us all thinking doesn’t it? Is there life out there? That’s a very controversial question, some say it would be crazy not to think that life doesn’t exist elsewhere in our galaxy and others believe we are the only sentient beings in all of the known universe. I for one have no idea, but the possibility certainly does exist. With so many stars in so many billions of planets. It’s hard not to think that there isn’t some life out there somewhere and these thoughts always lead us to more questions.

Would aliens be fat?

If there is life out there? I wonder how their society works, would it be much like ours in that they all struggle with weight loss and gluttony? Would they consistently drain their planets natural resources using oil and coal energy with so many other options are available for free energy like solar or nuclear energy.  Or are we the only ones with the means and methods that don’t damage our environment and slowly decay our planet but refuse to use them? Will we one day be able to travel to these distant places? Do they constantly go to war with their neighbors and slaughter each other by the hundreds of thousands or is our world unique in that respect, hard to say.

Would societies on these planets live harmoniously and at peace not bent on self-destruction and monetary gain? One day, I think we all may find the answers to these questions certainly not in our lifetime, unless they come visit us and land on the White House lawn. Even then would we welcome them or shoot them down? Would it be a civilization like portrayed in Star Trek, where we all live peacefully and strive to better ourselves, our planet, energy and humankind and excel at science, arts, research, philosophy and exploration.

These are all fascinating questions we are left with. What do we think about life elsewhere in the galaxy. Our minds are free to wander and I don’t think we will have the answers anytime soon. So we can postulate and debate, in the meantime, reflect on our own civilization our own planet and how we could better our world through peace, free energy, with advances in science and medicine curing diseases and global hunger. Are these goals too big, or are they within our reach? Would we be embarrassed to meet our neighbors? Would they think us barbarians or just a people developing as all life does bumping along and figuring out our problems as we go and in 1000 years we will be at peace will free energy and travel the stars meeting other developing civilizations and some could be tens of thousands of years ahead of us. What would they be like?

We will hear many of these topics being debated in the coming months with the discovery of the Goldilocks planet and I think it’s a great time for us all to reflect on our way of life. Our planet, our solar system and discover new ways to push mankind foreword to a better future for us our children and our planet.


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    Newly Discovered Planet Adopted by Milky Way: The Jupiter-like planet was among the spoils of war after the Milk…

  5. AJR79 says:

    Being a crazy optimist with regards to future space exploration I am buying almost everything you're selling. It is quite possible that if humans are around 10,000 years from now they may very well have set foot on this planet. (unless we're fighting for our survival with the Klingons)

    I'm not buying that this will be the first extrasolar planet we visit, as there are about 15 stars within 20 light years that are much more sun-like then this one. I have a strong hunch that some of these have more suitable planetary systems.

    I'm also not optimistic about this planet having an atmospere. There is no way to know that. I'm also pretty sure that there is no liquid water there, due to the tidal locking.

    Other then that it is fun to think about humans one day walking on this planet. Who knows, by that time we will be bioengineered enough to survive without water or atmosphere.

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