HCG Weight Loss Cure Review

HCG Weight Loss Review

With all the buzz going around about HCG over the last few months. I decided a post dedicated to HCG would be appropriate.  Now I’ve been struggling with weight my whole life. I was always the fat kid in school and at one point I blew up to over 300 pounds and over the years I have looked for many remedies. I have tried every pill every powder, every herb, every diet and exercise you could imagine.

You name it, I have tried it and like many Americans I was never able to get to a healthy weight. Yes some of them helped me lose a few pounds, many times I lost 15 or 20lbs and what would happen each and every time? It would take me three months to lose it and I’d put that same 15 pounds back on in two weeks. When your on a diet and trying to lose weight you hate it, your miserable many of you know what I’m talking about.

Your in a constant state of misery your tired, your cranky you’re hungry just plain miserable, but every single time I went back to eating normal not binging. Just normal the weight came back instantly. Almost overnight, what took me months to lose came back in what seemed like an instant. My body was fighting me every step of the way.

It was the most unnatural feeling I’ve ever experienced almost seemed like it was against my genetic coding every fiber of my being fought me every step of the way until I came across the HCG cure, notice I don’t call it a diet but rather a cure because this is not a diet it’s a natural cure to this condition that is obesity.

Dr. Simeon a British doctor and an ex army officer discovered that when people have a weight problem. They have four basic physiological conditions and I want you to think about these do you fall into one of these categories?

1) The first condition a person has who has a weight problem is real, physiological, intense almost constant hunger. people who are overweight are physiologically hungry. They really are just hungrier than the rest of us.

2) The second condition a person has is a low metabolism. Your body does not burn the calories that you have consumed. Even if you consume small amounts of food your body does not burn it off it retains a much larger portion of the calories you consume than a normal person’s body.that’s why some people can eat all they want without any regard to diet or exercise and stay at a normal weight.

3) The third condition is uncontrollable urges to eat even when you’re not hungry including binging and abnormal food cravings. this is also known as emotional eating were eating in response to a crisis. Some people eat as a response to joy, or both for that matter. Basically just an uncontrollable need to eat like a drug addict to drugs or an alcoholic to alcohol. Even when you’re not hungry.

4) The fourth condition is your body stores fat abnormally when it stores excess fat your body will store much more than the normal person and it stores it in area that are highly resistant to exercise. So even if you lose a bunch of weight. You never really lose the fat around the problem areas. according to Dr. Simeon. When your body stores fat in these abnormal areas. It is almost impossible to get rid of it with simply good eating habits and exercise.

So what causes or controls these four conditions? What causes you to have abnormal hunger a low metabolism, abnormal cravings and fat storage? It’s a gland in the body called the hypothalamus Dr. Simeon theorized. This gland was operating abnormally for certain people and causing these four conditions and he theorized if you could reset the hypothalamus and your body would naturally release all the fat speed up your metabolism cure the unnatural hunger cravings and essentially correct these for abnormal conditions.

Dr. Simeon has developed a drug to combat these for abnormal conditions called HCG which of course, I tried and finally ultimately had success with what’s different about this drug then all the others on the market is 85% of the people who take it. Do not gain the weight back, because it addresses the cause and corrects the problem.


  1. kp says:

    I completely and totally agree with the reviewer of the hCG cure. I lost 20 pounds in 28 days, five months ago, and keep it off through an Atkins-like lifestyle. Homeopathic hCG drops (not even the RX or injections!) have been a life-changing discovery for myself and 6 friends of mine (losing between 25 – 100 pounds each!) You must stick to it carefully but it will work and it will feel like a miracle cure.

  2. Kate says:

    Great review but – you’re is not spelled “your”

    “Your in a constant state of misery your tired, your cranky you’re hungry just plain miserable,”

    – Thanks for the catch, fixed – Editor