How To Keep Your Low Fat Diet Intact Durning Thanksgiving

Halloween is almost here, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you have been following a low fat diet plan, there is no need for you to let it go out the window. There are simple ways that you can substitute foods, and still have that feast you have come to look forward to. Here are some simple tips for keeping your low fat diet intact when indulging in your favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Tips For Keeping Your Low Fat Diet During Thanksgiving

With a few substitutions, and some compromise you will find that your Thanksgiving dinner will be even sweeter and tastier when you know that your not placing a detriment on your weight loss efforts.

  1. Low Fat Turkey- Turkey is low in fat and can be a great part of your fat burning diet so you do not have to go without the main dish for Thanksgiving. However, you should skip the gravy, and choose the juiciest part of the turkey instead. In addition,stay away from eating the fatty skin and keep your portion size to a minimum.
  2. What To Avoid- There are many foods served at Thanksgiving foods that you should try to avoid at all costs. Do skip the fancy sauces and gravies as they tend to contain high contents of fat and calories. Try to choose on dessert such as the pumpkin pie, and skip the sweets that contain tons of sugar. Hold on the mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole, and choose baked potatoes with light butter. Eat more fresh veggies and do not go crazy if the bread being served is made from white flour.
  3. Do An Extra Workout- Usually during Thanksgiving time things are hectic, however you may want to grab a diet buddy and head for a power walk or to the gym for an extra workout. This could mean that you burn extra calories that you may be taking in. Usually a great workout can burn anywhere from 200-500 calories- so with this you can feel good when our full to the brim and perhaps ward off that extra weight gain.
  4. Watch The Alcohol & Beverages- Many beverages that are served at Thanksgiving time can contain hidden calories that creep up on your hips and thighs and belly. Alcohol  such as liquor that is mixed with fruity juices can pack a punch and add up to a whopping 400-500 calories. In addition, alcohol is always burned by the body before any fat- so that s why it is important to drink in moderation. Try a single glass of wine as a treat instead and stick to it.
  5. Watch & Implement Portion Control- One of the main culprits to Thanksgiving could very well be the fact that portions are not considered to be the culprit of weight gain. Try measuring portions, and do not eat everything on your plate. Be choosy and eat only until you are almost full and keep portion control in the back of your mind.
  6. Check Your BMI- To understand where you are in terms of ideal body mass stop by and try our Free BMI Calculator.


  1. Tressy longe says:

    You might be a little doubtful and curious about the effects of this diet, but you need to try it for yourself. the results are real and will make you feel better. After doing research on my own personal study and seeing the effects, I am pleased to see that other people really able to find success with it too…..i really appreciate your posts…

  2. Cheryl Armbrust says:

    OK I changed a few things on this recipe *healthy reasons only) I sprayed my flounder on a lined pan with butter substitute spray then I lightly dusted it with garlic and pepper, and I dumped my chopped almonds on top and sprinkled with the lemon juice popped in the oven and left everything get browned and yummy. I thought it had a great taste calories were very low had ALL the benefits of eating white fish without over-killing with extra fat and calories.

  3. Jean says:

    I eat just vegetables, a bit of fruit and lean meat, a little beans and brown rice, a little skim milk, Greek yogurt is good. I love German food but once a month is enough cholestral, fat and calories from that. Maybe you could bring home some favorite foods to add to the 'soup'. When we lived in Oregon we loved making clam chowder, gumbo, jumbolayea, as well as hot buttered rums during rainy winters. Potatos in cheese soup with sausage added is good….or….just go out to eat and skip doing dishes.

  4. Mario says:

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  5. grandmute says:

    It may or may not be fair, but any “junk food” tax (or ban), in my mind, misses the point. The category of food that most people will recognize as unambiguous “junk” is exceedingly narrow: sodas, deep-fried food, packaged desserts, some types of fast food – and that's about that. But the category of foods that contribute to overweight and ill health by dint of being high on calories and low on nutritional value is far more expansive. For every demonized “junk food” item, there are many substitute foods that people consider “healthy,” but that in reality hail from the same nutritional desert. In the comment thread you link, many people compare soda to fruit juice as if fruit juice weren't also glorified sugar water. This is symptomatic of a wider misunderstanding about what makes foods “good,” and what constitutes a healthy diet.

    The greater problem, then, is that no policy will ever succeed in segregating the “good” foods from the “bad.” Junk food taxes as we know them solve this dilemma by zeroing in on a tiny, least-controversial segment of “bad” foods, and ignoring everything else that is wrong with the American diet. Real, effective solutions would probably have to work otherwise, by addressing the entire food culture – the five W's (and one H) of eating, if you will.

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