Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Review

There is not a health or diet related site on the Internet that you can find that does not have an ad, review, link, or sentiment that includes Jillian Michaels weight loss program on it. This program is an epidemic, however why so much hype? Is it that Jillian’s program works, or is it that she is so keen on advertising her program that no one can resist. I am here to perform a real review on the effectiveness of her program, and to delve into why this one individual makes millions off helping people lose BIG!

Jillian Michaels weight loss program is based around simple principles usually associated with dieting. These basics are defining personal weight loss goals, adapting an adequate fitness routine, and consuming a healthy well-balanced diet.  Though most  diets address these factors, Jillian Michaels program takes it one step further to in depth details demonstrating that a person’s  individual circumstances, body type, preference, goals, and needs are assessed making it customized for each person that uses it.

The question though is that with Jillian Michaels weight loss program, results vary from individual to individual. However  by the customizations for each person that can be made, an individual can actually benefit vastly from learning not just a simple fix for their success in weight loss, but they can easily learn how to make permanent changes to their lifestyle that will improve their health. It will also promote long-term results and maintenance.

Another big advantage to the Jillian Michael’s diet program is that it does not incorporate trendy dieting, pills, supplements, or any controversial type of dieting techniques, instead it focuses on changing routines, making better choices in the foods one consumes, and  successfully achieving the goals that are preset. With each person having different weight loss goals, different body types, and entirely different metabolisms.

As far as any negatives to this diet, there may be a few depending on the person’s commitment to making this routine a lifestyle, and sticking to regular exercise and well-balanced meals. However, most times if a person is serious about weight loss this diet could definitely yield not only weight loss, but also enable an individual to keep the weight they lose off for a longer period of time.

Besides being a very popular diet, the Jillian Michaels diet is one that approaches diet in a logical and medically sound way. It is relatively inexpensive costing about 4 dollars per week, and providing free individual assessment on sign up. If you have failed at most diets, or tend to try fad diets where you lose weight fast only to gain double the amount of weight back, then this diet may be worth a valiant try. In addition, you will not break the bank while you are educating yourself and improving your overall health.

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