Eating Seafood Is Great For Your Low Fat Diet Plan

Hi everyone, Hope you have had a great year and I wish you all the very best for 2010 and of course there will be even more tips and information to keep you healthy this year.
Today I found a great article about the benefits of sea foods for your low fat diet plan. Not everyone knows it but seafood is actually low fat food, read this article below to find out more..
Eating seafood is an ideal way to shed unwanted kilos

“So, seafood is an excellent choice as the centerpiece in a low fat diet, popular for reducing weight. At the same time, it will reduce consumption of

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  1. Brianna Lee says:

    Seafoods are very rich in Iodine too.:.”

  2. Emily Jones says:

    Seafood’s are great because they have lots of the mineral iodine which prevents goiter’~,

  3. Rebecca Lavallee says:

    Did you know there is a link between getting enough sleep and fat loss?
    Teresa Tapp, who I mentioned before says it can be decremental to fat loss to exercise too much, so you may have done yourself a favor in more ways than one!
    You’ll be fine, it is mostly a mental setback as it is mentally difficult to get momentum back up again.

  4. Mark K says:

    The best tip anyone can give you is… Diet. Diet comes first, exercise comes second.

  5. dpmsurf says:

    It is always good to see companies increasing omega 3 levels of their foods. We westerners get way too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3. I would think that their would be better ways to increase your omega 3 levels. Things like fish, fish oil and krill oil (all should be tested for mercury and heavy metals) are probably better alternatives then a oil enhanced with Omega 3. Anyway their are so many health benefits related to increasing omega 3 that which ever way you do it you will reap the benefits.

  6. Giller says:

    Seafood’s are great because they are really tasty, i think that almost all seafood’s are super duper tasty -;`

  7. genistein says:

    Thanks for the query on Krill Oil. The answer is yes, krill oil is ideal for breastfeeding mum who wants the newborn baby to benefit from the DHA in krill oil.

    However, please ensure that you are not allergic to shell-fish (eg. prawns, crabs etc) as there are some adults who are allergic to shell fish shows allergic reaction though studies show that krill oil does not cause allergy problems.

    Hope that answers your queries.