What Is Interval Training

What is Interval Training

Simply stated- Interval Training is a specific technique of cardiovascular training that has an individual perform an equal amount of exercise that a person would typically do in a long session of just cardio, however in this case the intensity of the workout is much more extreme and burns double the fat and calories that a cardio routine would.

Interval Training is a form of training that is advanced and is popularly used by recreational runners, fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, and body builders.While it is a more advanced form of workouts, it may be effectively altered to suit beginners, that is provided  the individual is free of cardiovascular disorders, and  in good health.

Interval Training is based upon the principle of rest and recovery to enable the body to perform double the work in less time. By this, higher-intensity activity is alternated with brief rest and recovery periods,  an individual is able to burn more fat  in ½ amount of time then an aerobic or pure cardio workout.

Interval Training Examples

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) may be applied to  almost every cardiovascular activity, whether it is running, jogging, biking, or rollerblading.

For instance, if a person is active and a consistent exercise routine, an individual could integrate brief periods (1-2 minutes) of running into their walk, and then add in the mix lower-intensity walking. If  a person is less fit,  they can try walking faster for 1-3 minutes at a time, and enable themselves time repeat and recover from the high intensity walking. If  an individual is very highly conditioned, they could  incorporate sprints into their daily treadmill work or run.

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