The Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training

The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training consists of a plethora of benefits that increase its effectiveness when used in unison with your current cardiovascular training. These benefits are:

  • Burning more fat and calories in ½ the time
  • Increased and improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Increase in (fat oxidation) whole body fat burning vs, solid-state cardio
  • Metabolic Syndrome risk reduction
  • Increase lean muscle mass/decreased muscle catabolism
  • Arterial elasticity improvements
  • Escape from monotonous and boring cardio routine

Here is an in depth look into the benefits of Interval training: .

You Burn More Calories in Less Time with Interval Training

Interval Training can  enable a person to burn the exact amount of calories in  a half hour that they  typically would burn in an hours time performing low impact cardio. This can enable you to be more efficient and effective in your work out, especially when you are short on time. In addition, high Intensity Interval Training can  enable an individual to be more proficient  in the duration of the time they set aside for cardio, plus be capable of achieving similar effects  of a longer duration of exercise or workout.

The main thing here, though, is that a person performs the exercise at an intensity level that is sufficient to cumulatively burn an equivalent amount of calories in a shorter period of time. Depending on  the person’s level of conditioning, this may not or may be possible.

Higher intensity work is, of course, more “intense.” So beginners may not  be capable of alternating their low and high-intensity periods for the duration that is required to amount to the calories burned within the longer duration.

High Intensity Interval Training and Fat Loss and Weight Loss

There is also some evidence that Interval Training may be more effective at burning fat than lower-intensity cardio exercise. Many studies have been conducted and in this study when High Intensity was tested and simple cardio studies indicated that the people who performed HIIT experienced more fat loss and weight loss over a certain period of time.

Interval Training = Lean Muscle

Long-duration and Distance cardio training typically if performed  longer than an hour, may put you an individual at risk for experiencing lean muscle or tissue, as the human body burns muscle for fuel and depletes it’s carbohydrate stores.

Interval Training also develops an individual via thorough training. As they alternate among periods of  high-intensity exercise and solid state exercise. Interval Training trains fast  and slow twitch fibers, which may improve an individuals overall fitness level, as well as overall conditioning, stamina, strength,  power, and  performance.

Interval Training and Heart Protection

Numerous studies have indicated that High Intensity Interval Training may have recuperative or protective benefits to the cardiovascular system and heart.

Decreased Boredom and Improved Exercise Motivation

Duration moderate and low intensity cardio can  get boring and be dull.  Supplementing your cardio routine with Interval Training can  keep things exciting and break up the monotony of your routine.  It usually goes to show, that people who enjoy their exercise are more likely to stick with a weight loss routine and workout program.

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