Tequila Brands

Tequila Brands:

There are literally hundreds of thousands of brands of tequila that exist today in the market. However, the competition is vast and with the various types of tequilas in different ranges of prices, classifications, and tastes only statistics and sales can decipher the best selling tequila brands on the market. Although there are so many who are striving to become the best sellers, there are other reputable and more established brands that are listed in the top ten brands of tequila. Take into account that the best selling brands does not always indicate that it possesses the best qualities or flavors. Top sellers can be determined to be the best because  of marketing techniques, affordability, and even uniqueness of bottle. Here are the top selling tequila brands of today:

*  Don Eduardo Silver Tequila: This tequila brand is suave, smooth, and clear compared to other brands of the spirit. It is a little higher priced than an average grade of tequila but worth the price of about 40 dollars to indulge in a very high-selling popular tequila.

*  Herencia de Plata Tequila Blanco: Herencia is one of the best selling tequila brands globally. It is renowned for its unique hints of  herby smoke flavor that is derived from the oak barrels it is aged in. It can be purchased for about $35.

*  Sauza Gold Tequila: This tequila is very affordable, however it has an extremely refined flavor. It possesses a rich flavor, although it is not as harsh as some cheaper grades of tequila. It is actually very good in shots and wallet friendly for bar purchased shots and cocktails.

*  Lapis Platinum Tequila: This is composed of strictly full blown 100 percent blue agave. It consists of no bite and exquisite flavor that can be purchased for under 30 dollars. It is smooth and most people prefer this above most tequila brands for it’s lack of burn and ease in shooters.

*  Jose Cuervo Gold: It may not be a best seller for it’s taste, but Jose Cuervo is indeed one of the oldest  tequila brands that exist. It is also very affordable at about 20 dollars for a bottle.

*  Monte Alban Mezcal: One of tequilas cousins this popular selling cousin is often purchased because of the worm it contains. In addition, consumers convey that there is little burn associated with drinking this brand of Mezcal.

*  El Tesoro de Don Felipe Platinum Tequila: This tequila brand is clear and smooth. You can taste the potency of the blue agave that makes up this great flavored spirit. Very good in shots and very tasty indeed anyway it is consumed. It will cost you about $35 for a bottle.

*  Olmeca Tequila Blanco: This is an extraordinary cheap tequila. It has some qualities that make it airy and dry to consume. It is terrific for mixed drinks such as Margaritas, and still tasty for shots complimented with citrus flavors.

*  Don Diego Gold Tequila: One of the many tequila brands that hosts a large array of flavors. You can catch a glimpse on your taste buds of passion fruit, pineapple, spice, and cinnamon. Great for shots and perfect for a person on a budget this tequila may be bought for under $15.

These are some of the best selling tequila brands that are available today. They may not be your favorite, and they may not be the best tasting, but they are considered to be the most popularly purchased brands and makes of tequila. You can perform your own rating and ranking, however odds are one of these will suit your fancy and provide you with a great chance to explore your options and have a little fun.

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