Red Wine Types

Red Wine Types:

There are many types of wines such as dessert wines, red wines, and white wines. Even more-so there are a large selection of wines that are derived from various types of grapes within each type of wine. One of the most popular types of wine is red wine. Red wines are distinct because they take the color of deep burgundy red, blushing pink, and even purplish-red tones. There are many red wine types that have been created through the many species of grapes that flourish around the countries of the world. Each red wine type has unique characteristics, flavors, and qualities.

Red Wine Types:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This is the the red wine that is considered to be the crème de la crop of all red wine types. It is known to carry a  tasty hint or more of black currant and leaves a flavor on the palate such as rich fruits. They are strong wines that come packed with immense body and an extraordinary flavor experience. The Cabernet Sauvignon wines are made from Cabernet grapes that flourish in the majority of wine regions such as France, Chile, Argentina, The United States, Australia, and Italy.
  • Merlot: Merlot wine is right up there with the Cabernet wines. They are smooth to the palate and are also full-bodied with exquisite flavor. They have an immense deep color and have a higher alcohol content than other wines. You will be enticed with the aromas of fruitiness and herbs and the flavor experience of chocolate, plums, and cherries. The California and Oregon regions of the United States as well as the Bordeaux regions in France produce outstanding Merlot wines.
  • Zinfandels; Zinfandel is diverse in characteristics and personality, and many are drawn to the light taste and lighter shades that make these red wine types unique. They are a very sweet wine that many can match with any flavor of food and atmosphere. These wines are best when drank while they are not aged too long. White Zinfandel is processed and cultivated very differently than other wines and solely derived from red grapes.
  • Chianti: Chianti is a very popular red wine in Italy. The grape that yields this type of wine is most commonly the sauvignon grape. Chianti has a velvet finish, but also are very versatile in their flavors varying from sweet and tarty to fruity and dry.  This wine is favored I Italy and compliments Italian cuisine as well.
  • Pinot Noir: Pinot Noir can seduce those who appreciate the finer versions of this red wine type. It is rich and almost explosive with flavor, however the grape that produces this wine has to be grown just right. These grapes are difficult to perfect in their cultivating stages. However, many wine producers in France and California have gotten it to a science and are now creating extravagant tasting versions of Pinot Noir.


There are many more types of red wine, however these are some of the prominent types that have unique characteristics and lush tastes that continue to drive consumers and connoisseurs to indulge in the many fulfilled experiences that red wines give.

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