Red Wine Stains

Red Wine Stains:

If there is anything that is not divine about drinking wine, it is the stains that can occur from spills and accidents on carpets, clothes, and other fabric elements that can become ruined permanently in an instant if not remedied. Even though sometimes an urgent stain treatment may remove a wine stain, in other scenarios these stains tend to hang on for dear life and not be very easily removed. Red wine stains are stubborn, however there are some surefire ways that you can  utilize to remove the stain from any fabric. Here are a few tips when you find yourself at a loss at what to do about a red wine stain:

Treating Clothing That Can Be Laundered:

Make a mixture of stain fighting laundry detergent, ¼ cup dawn dish soap (is the best to fight the oils in the red wine such as grease), and ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide and place in washer with  hot water and allow to soak for 15 minutes. Then start load of laundry as normal after pre-soak is finished. There is also an old adage that white wine can treat and remove red wine stains as well. If you want to chance it you may want to try to pour a small amount of white wine on the clothing and scrub before soaking in the mixture.

Treating Red Wine Stains On Carpet:

Once you have spilled red wine on carpet, you should immediately use hydrogen peroxide and generate an ample amount on the stain- enough to moisten it. Let that soak for several minutes and prepare a mixture of good carpet cleaning shampoo such as Resolve, Oxi-clean, or Bissel brands. Put this in a spray bottle and mist it over the red wine stain. It is important to remember to not scrub in as this will smear the stain deeper- always blot with a clean cloth, until the cloth is wet and then change to a new dry cloth .

Other Household Cleaners That Can Be Used For Red Wine Stains:

  • Warm Water and bleach and boil in a pot with clothing that has been stained (if all white.) this works wonders!
  • A mixture of vinegar and water to treat spots on cotton, acrylic, rayon, spandex and polyester fabric. ¼ cup vinegar and 1 cup warm water in a spray bottle, mist and soak and then launder.
  • White wine can reverse the affects of red wine- always attempt this one if you have some around- treat stain and blot. Rinse with warm water- blot. Until stain is removed.
  • There are some new amazing products that can work effectively to combat those stains as well. Oxi-clean is fantastic and is safe to use on almost any fabric- Just read directions and use.
  • Spray and Wash, Stain Sticks, and other stain treatment products on the market can help fight the nasty stains that come from red wine.

There is a plethora of options for treating red wine stains. These are the most successfully proven and tend to have consistency with combating the destruction that red wine can cause. When all else fails- just repeat the steps above and sooner or later that stubborn stain will be gone!

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  1. Haakee16 says:

    I wouldn’t put hydrogen peroxide onto any of my fabrics – it is not good for fabrics. Stain Rx (a.k.a. Erado-Sol), is the best stain remover out there. I have been using it on red wine stains since 1969. Just touch it to red wine, iodine, berries (INCLUDING POMEGRANATE), fruit punch, cranberry juice, and the stains disappear in a second. Stains such as mascara, lipstick, blood, balsamic vinegar, vanilla extract and others come out with a little massaging and rinsing. Soak your diamond, gold and platinum jewelry in it for 20 minutes to overnight, you won’t believe it! By the way, the University of California – Davis did a study on red wine stain removal and the #1, ready to use winner was Stain Rx (a.k.a. Erado-Sol). It killed Wine Away which is available everywhere. Go to the Stain Rx site to see what else it does.