So You Know Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart. Could It Also Be Good for Your Waistline?

Studies show those who indulge have fewer problems with the bulge.

Expert health advice changes from one day to the next, especially when it comes to diet. Compare the healthy diet of today to those of previous generations. The differences could surprise you. Folks used to eat eggs and bacon every day for decades, as well as bread of all kinds. People drank cola as a healthy, even medicinal beverage. Of course, folks still enjoy these delicious treats but not often when trying to eat by today’s healthy standards. Because of ever-changing expert advice, consumers switched from butter to margarine and now have switched back to butter again. Food items such as coffee, wine, eggs and grains go back and forth regularly on the chart of what is healthy and what is not healthy. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone to learn that some scientists have changed their minds about chocolate.

Believe It Or Not

When dieting or just eating healthier, most people kick chocolate to the curb quickly. Dark chocolate gets a pass because studies suggest its flavonoids and antioxidants can benefit heart health. But in most cases, eating any type of chocolate means your dietary discipline has slipped. So maybe you have decided to include chocolate very carefully into your diet plan. Maybe you make it your guilty pleasure to indulge in once a week in small portions. And just when you thought you had control over your craving, scientists offer new studies suggesting that chocolate may in fact contribute to staying slim.

Studies in Spain

According to Medical News Today, researchers in Spain have found a connection between higher chocolate intake and lower body fat levels. They used previously gathered information on European teenagers, including their dietary habits, body mass index (BMI) information and activity levels. Analyzing these facts and figures, the researchers concluded that regular chocolate intake might contribute to less fat around the waistline.

Studies in California

chocolate for weight loss

California researchers back up these findings. They even say that certain chocolates have a positive effect on metabolism, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, among other things. They studied healthy adults with an average age of 57. Participants answered questionnaires about their weekly chocolate consumption, activity levels and BMI information. The researchers concluded that eating chocolate regularly had a larger impact than the amount of chocolate eaten. The slimmer participants consumed chocolate at least three times a week, but also exercised that much as well.

Studies in Animals

You could dismiss this news as wishful thinking by the very human participants. You might reconsider, however, when you learn that research on rats has given similar results. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has published study results by the Research Institute of Morinaga & Company in Japan stating that ingesting cocoa can prevent obesity in rats. The study claims, in scientific language, that cocoa lowers lipid metabolism, decreases fatty acid synthesis and affects white adipose tissue in a way that helps keep the rats slimmer. In plain English, the rats that ate cocoa stayed slimmer.

If you are a chocolate lover who is struggling to trim your waistline, perhaps you can find comfort in these studies. Just remember, as with all things, consider these findings carefully and keep your food consumption moderate to stay slim and live healthier.