Women Can Do It Too! How to Get Awesome Arms with Pull-ups

The perfect exercise for strengthening and toning your arms!

Women shy away from weight equipment at the gym because of the perceived stigma that goes along with female bodybuilders. Women assume that they will get bulky and defined like a man, but women actually lack the hormones required to get as bulky as a man does. The trick is to develop strength and muscle, and you can do that by doing pull ups at your gym or playground any day of the week.

Start Slowly and Modify

It’s okay to start with a modified pull-up. You will use your knees on a plate to offset some of your weight and pull-up. It’s that easy. Your back, triceps and biceps still get a full workout. Inverted rows are the technical name of the modified pull-up. You pull up and lift to get the full range of motion. Work to up to 10 moves for best results. Keep repeating this until you can get a better motion and require less assistance for your pull up.

Build Strength

Don’t just focus on pull-ups. Focus on building strength in other areas as well. The more you do other strength exercises, the stronger you will be overall. Bar bell rows, cable pull downs and cable rows are going to be your best friends at the gym. These strength-building exercises will change your body shape and strength forever.

Stay Motivated

Being motivated by other women is key. You want to look up to women who are strong and confident. Go to gyms where there are a lot of women who use weight-lifting equipment. Talk to those women. Learn their secrets for strength. Keep pushing yourself in the direction they are because they have already been where you are today. If you want it badly enough, you will work hard to get to that point.

Does Losing Weight Help?

women pull upsLosing weight will help because you are lifting less weight, but you don’t have to be slender or light to do a successful pull-up. You just have to be strong. Your strength has to outweigh your weight, and you need to be able to lift yourself successfully without damaging your muscles or bones. This can be done through assisted pull-ups.

As you build strength, you will also lose weight. So by the time you can do a full pull-up, you may have already lost a good deal of weight. It’s really not that complicated to do.

Does It Take Forever?

How long it takes you is dependent upon your ability to work hard and stay focused. You want to focus on the positives. You want to be able to do a pull-up safely and successfully. Don’t rush it. Things take time. Building strength takes time. If you rush it, you will only end up injuring yourself.

Can Women Do Pull-ups? You Bet.

Women can do pull-ups just as easily as men, but it takes focusing and determination. If you want to be successful at it, you will work hard and reach your goals quickly and with ease. If you complain the entire way, you may never see your first pull-up. When you do your first pull-up, it’s an occasion to remember and celebrate.