NEAT Trick! Getting Thin without Working Out

You can lose weight without exercise if you know this one NEAT trick.

Why is it that some people seem to eat all the time, never go to the gym, but still stay thin? Why can’t that be you? Research tells us that, possibly, it could be you… if you understand the NEAT trick that got them that way.

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It’s a fancy way of saying, “boosting your metabolism without purposeful exercise.” It’s all those things you do in a day that get your heart rate up, but aren’t intentional exercise… things like cleaning the house, standing in line, chewing gum or fidgeting.

Those who focus on NEAT can burn 50 percent more calories during the day. That could mean a stead weight loss of 2 pounds a week, just by increasing your regular activity levels. Those who aren’t active enough to burn those extra calories need to work hard to develop NEAT habits. Here are some ideas for burning more NEAT calories to get you started:

Stand up for activities that you normally sit for, like watching TV or surfing the internet.

At Home:

  • Use a mini stair stepper when sitting.
  • Wash the dishes by hand.
  • Don’t buy pre-cut produce. Cut it yourself for a little extra calorie burn.
  • Hang clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.
  • Fiddle with your hair.

At the Store:

  • If you live within walking distance, walk to the store and make daily small trips.
  • Grab a hand basket instead of a shopping cart for smaller trips.
  • Shift your weight from foot to foot while waiting in line at the register.
  • Be less efficient in your shopping. Go back and forth between aisles to get more steps in.

At Work:

  • Get up and find a coworker instead of calling their extension.
  • Instead of keeping water at your desk, get up and go get a drink each time you are thirsty.
  • Tap your fingers on your desk while waiting on hold.
  • Pace instead of standing still when you ride the elevator. Better yet, take the stairs.
  • Park as far as you can from your destination and walk the rest.
  • Stand while you work.
  • If you can’t stand, try sitting on an exercise ball.

Best NEAT Practices

lose weight By far, walking at a fast pace and taking the stairs burn the most calories, but fidgeting , chewing gum and standing can help you burn more calories too. The trick to making NEAT work is being conscious of the way you tend to sit whenever the opportunity arises. Begin looking at chairs as diet no-nos. You can stand riding the subway, watching TV, working on the computer, reading and many other activities. When you see a chair, remember the chair is your diet’s enemy.

In NEAT studies, obese individuals sat for almost 3 hours more during the day than non-obese individuals. If you can get off your butt for 3 hours a day, you’re well on your way to burning more calories. This alone can help you burn between 250 and 500 calories a day, depending on your current weight.

Crank Up the Burn

A faster metabolism also requires more lean muscle mass. You can get more out of NEAT by working on building your muscle mass through lifting weights. It takes a long time to build muscle mass, but you can realize good initial results simply by participating in more NEAT practices.