Less Than Perfect

I have recently dealt with tons of drama in my life, and I can tell you from experience that there are plenty of people who want to lose weight for the wrong reasons OR for the right reasons, AND that there are plenty of  problems that go along with life in general- let alone health and weight loss.

I want to reach those that may or may not need to lose weight that need a purpose. First, you need to know the right reasons to lose weight, and there are many facets of life that may lead you to lose weight, whether it be that you feel bad about yourself, need control of something in your life, want to acquire better health, or are put down about who you are and  that  you want to change it, or JUST  because the world has cascaded a mean frenzy around you.

Then there are other things that play into life that can make you make bad choices, whether you desecrate yourself, starve, overeat, cut yourself, and diet to gain self esteem, and tons of other things.

I CAN Tell You This First & Foremost: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF

Then again..we need to address things on a personal level…

You want to lose weight, so lets validate it….

  • Check your BMI with low fat BMI Calculator
  • If you register healthy: Pursue health eating not weight loss
  • Don’t lose weight for the wrong reasons!! You will either fail or starve and feel like a failure…IF not for the right reasons.
  • If you realize that you have a problem when obsessing over exercise, food intake, and weighing yourself. Get help.
  • Try to pursue weight loss in a healthy manner, without pills, starvation methods, and other harmful means.
  • Consult a physician and take their advice on your weight loss endeavors.
  • Lose weight gradually 1-2 lbs is considered a great pace.
  • Understand that ideal weight is configured by your bone structure, age, sex, and height.
  • It is better to be made of healthy muscle mass and weigh a bit more than to be emaciated.

Once you establish that your weight loss goals are established with a good frame of mind. Then enable yourself to be human, make mistakes, fall off the wagon, but continue your strife and do not lose site of your goals. Oh, and never feel like a failure. It is better to try and keep trying than it is to quit.

Overeating To Compensate For Stress, Depression, & Self Loathing:

It is shocking how statistics are reaching epidemic proportions when it comes to the amount of obese individuals and children. However, all obesity is not created equally as food portions are out of control, along with preservatives, foods bogged down with corn syrups, excess amounts of sodium, and labels not accurately printed on foods. In addition, to the fact that people are technologically obsessed and tend to get less regular exercise and activity in their lives.

However, there is a big issue with the fact that this generation is more stressed, depressed, and unhappy in general than generations before. This dysfunction and chaos has led to many psychological disorders where it effects weight and overall health tremendously. One of these diseases is overeating, closet- eating, or binge eating.

If you seek food for comfort or for control, and tend to be overweight, you may be in this classification and under addressed eating disorder. For some individuals food feels a void in their life. Like other eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, overeating carries a great amount of shame, self-loathing, and feelings that differ and sway between out of control and being in control. However, as with everything else- there is help, if you seek it out for all the right reasons of your health. In fact, obesity and this type of behavior can lead to many health problems. You may be an over eater if:

  • You think about food all the time obsessively.
  • You tend to seek comfort in food and use it as a crutch to make you feel better.
  • You hide food, sneak food, and eat until you get sick.
  • You live to eat and not eat to live.
  • You are obese or morbidly obese.

There are groups out there for individuals who enable food to be their enemy and their best friend. These support groups can assist individuals in seeking the right treatments and gaining the knowledge about how to kick their bad eating habits and patterns. If you may be an individual who suffers in shame because you cannot control your eating, seek help and take one day at a time as hoarding and overeating food can cause you to have numerous adverse health problems.

Bulimia & Anorexia:

More frequently with unrealistic expectations of what thin is, bulimia and anorexia is becoming extremely popular in young teens and women. However, even men can have the disorders as well. Bulimia is a binge eating disorder in which someone consumes ungodly amounts of foods and proceeds to throw or vomit the food back up so they do not absorb the calories in the food. Anorexia is where an individual limits their intake of food and calories literally by starving themselves and exercising off the excess calories. Both are spurred by an inapt need to control their lives, their weight, their appearance. Also, both are very dangerous for one’s health if carried on for too long these disorders can end in death.

You May Be Anorexic If:

  • You feel your life is out of control.
  • You limit your calories everyday below 500.
  • You constantly obsess about weighing yourself.
  • You obsess about food and weight, and/or exercise to keep weight off.
  • You are way below your ideal weight.

You May Be Bulimic If:

  • You eat a great amount of food (referred to as a binge).
  • After you eat you make yourself vomit in order to spare yourself the calories (referred to as a purge).
  • You carry great shame and feel a loss of power in your life.

Anorexia and bulimia has come a long way as there has been awareness and assistance developed to help those who suffer from these devastating diseases. There are clinics, websites, hotlines, and other means for a family member or for the person themselves to reach out for help. If you or someone you know have these signs and symptoms of these diseases. Try to seek treatment, and find the help needed in order to spare grave detriment to health and well-being.

Cutting Or Self Mutilation:

A new trend among people who are experiencing the pitfalls of life and that are battling within is that of using cutting and mutilation as a means to cope. this involves using sharp objects, razor blades, and knives to cut parts of the body. This action known as self harm can leave enormous scars on a person, among other things. However, it represents a deep sense of self loathing, powerlessness, and sadness in an individual who feels there is no other way to deal with their problems.

You May Be Harming Yourself Or Fit In This Category If You:

  • Cut yourself when you feel sad, mad, angry
  • Harm yourself because you feel you deserve it
  • Use sharp objects to cut yourself to feel numb or to feel pain

This disorder along with many others is a psychological disorder that is caused by external and internal factors in a person, however with the right guidance, treatment, and therapy an individual can be retrained to heal their wounds and scars and to stop harming themselves in this manner. Like other problems and addictions, self harm is very hard to stop, however it is better to seek outside help than to live with the external scars that are left in the aftermath. This issue has to be addressed carefully, and in most cases will lead to positive outcomes for an individual who feels low self esteem.

Conclusion: You Are Allowed To Be Flawed Less Than Perfect!

We are all human in kind, we are all flawed, no one is perfect and no one should expect themselves or anyone else to be perfect. We are often harder on ourselves than other people. When you feel stressed out, sad, depressed, angry, unhappy, helpless, hopeless, and lost, there are healthier and more effective means to deal. However, deep seated problems are often a cause for these types of disorders previously discussed. People feel unworthy, unloved, unappreciated, and  overwhelmed.

We each have different lives, different pasts, different stories, however the need to feel accepted can often take precedence on the things that should really matter. Again I reiterate:


Love yourself, focus on your life, your self-esteem, follow your happiness, follow your dreams, live your own life and pave the way to your own future.YOU DO HAVE CONTROL. No one has to bring you down. If you have problems don’t be too proud to ask for help. Everyone needs help now and again. You are human and there is only one of you.

Stay healthy, or at least try to do what is right for you… If you have any of these problems discussed get the help you need to have a better quality of life, and do not let external sources bring you down anymore..