Does Ear Stapling Really Help You Lose Weight?

If you are considering getting your ear stapled to increase your chance of weight loss success, there are some important things to keep in mind before you make an appointment with a piercer. The entire process is not likely to be effective, even though acupuncturists swear by its proven successes. If you go to an inexperienced piercer or have the procedure done in less-than-sanitary conditions, you are at an increased risk for developing a serious infection or becoming permanently disfigured.

How Does It Work?

Ear stapling, also known in general as body piercing as a subcategory of acupuncture, has been the latest topic among dieters and healthcare providers alike. The procedure is simple, based on the ancient Chinese technique. A trained practitioner uses a staple gun much as he would if he were to pierce the cartilage of your ear. If you have this piercing, you know that while it does hurt, it’s not unbearable.

The small surgical-grade staple remains in your ear at a point slightly above and behind your tragus. If your ear were a lowercase e, the staple would go on the center horizontal line. The idea is that the pressure on this part of your ear will help to reduce your cravings for food, thus leading to greater weight loss. The amount of time you leave the staple in is dependent on how long it successfully suppresses your appetite. While some people remove their staple or have their ear re-stapled after three to six weeks, others may leave their staple in for up to three months before it requires repositioning. If you need to have your ear re-stapled, the practitioner will simple remove the previous one and place a new staple in a slightly different location around the same area.

How Much Does it Cost?

Similar to receiving a body piercing at a tattoo shop, prices range from $35 to $60 per piercing. While some supporters receive only one staple, others who largely believe in its benefits receive staples in both ears to maximize their chance of weight-loss success. While most people who perform ear-stapling procedures will swear up and down about its benefits, one can’t help but wonder where these “benefits” come from and if the practitioner is reinforcing the idea only to make extra money.

Does Stapling Your Ear Really Work?

Acupuncture is largely the driving force behind ear stapling, or the idea that stimulating certain parts of the body through finger pressure or needles can clear channels elsewhere in the body.

Some believers claim that since the ear and the stomach are so close during development inside the womb that these two parts remain connected by nerve pathways even after birth and development. Some maintain that stimulating the outside of the ear in a particular way also stimulates organs within the abdomen.

Other ear-stapling supporters suggest that body piercing in general, particularly on the outer ear, releases endorphins that cause your body to feel good. The theory goes that while the piercing remains in place, these endorphins are continually released to your brain, reducing stress and anxiety, which are two main reasons people overeat.

Some studies show that auricular acupuncture promotes acupuncture, pursue points, lose Weightweight loss by raising serotonin levels and suppressing appetite. Most conclude, however, it may be the placebo effect. People may report positive outcomes simply because they think the procedure is going to be successful. There is no sound, solid research to back up statements that say ear stapling works.

Instead of giving in to the myths surrounding ear stapling and subject yourself to a possible infection or permanent injury, talk with your healthcare provider and create a diet plan and exercise routine to lose weight the healthy way.