Toddlers Take On Fitness Early In Life

Levels of obesity in the United States are at literally bloated levels. This is serious business. After all, obesity hurts the health of the people that make up our nation. It lowers productivity, increases health care costs, and decreases the average life span—all while crippling people’s quality of life, too. Worst of all, endemic levels of obesity aren’t just hurting adults. Obesity hurts kids, too. Childhood obesity has tripled in only three decades. This is having all kinds of bad effects on our children and youth, contributing to blood pressure problems, diabetes, self-esteem issues and more.

Get an Early Start

Fortunately, many people are looking for creative ways to get America’s children fit at ever-earlier ages—while having fun, too! It turns out that you should get your children started on physical fitness as early as possible. Habits formed during childhood are easier to make and harder to break than habits formed as an adult. The earlier the better, because this makes the habits tougher and more likely to laugh a lifetime.

This type of thinking has prompted parents all over the nation to get their toddlers signed up in different gyms specially designed for two to three year olds. MyGym is one of these gyms. With more than 150 locations throughout the US, wide ranges of kids are exercising in safe and fun environments.

Benefits of Exercise for Toddlers

This helps fight childhood obesity but there are many other benefits, too. Getting together with other toddlers improves your toddler’s social skills. Having fun is another plus. Remember: a smile and laughter are free and the benefits are priceless! Plus, there are cognitive benefits like increased mood and enhanced neurogenesis. That means your toddler’s brain is building new neurons and tougher, more flexible connective synapses between neurons.

These bonuses are hugely important to your toddlers and children, but they help adults too. Many gyms let the parents join in the energetic playtime. This helps fight adult obesity, too. The best thing is that you don’t even need to go to a gym to get a good workout. Play with your toddler and help him or her stay active. Turn up some music and dance for a half hour. Buy more sports balls or hula-hoops and less electronic games or DVDs. Remember that the environment is very important in the development of young people.

By offering many fitness opportunities and setting a good example, you will help your toddler see moving and staying active as a regular thing. They’ll be more likely to get up and move and less likely to sit staring at the television for hours.

Motivating Toddler Fitness

Put up posters of children working out and having fun. Maybe you can make your child do some fun exercise before they get desert? The options are endless and the only limits are the ends of your own creativity. Remember that you get to choose much of the environment that will shape your child’s future; will it be a future sitting on the couch, staring at a screen, or something better, fitter, and more active?

The toddler fitness movement is helping in so many different ways besides tackling the obesity epidemic. You can help too; it’s easy to get involved and is as simple as turning off the TV and getting your toddlers playing outside. Plus, who knows–you’ll probably enjoy the fresh air, too!