Taco Bell Meat Fit For Humans?

Taco Bell Meat:

We’ve all heard the stories about Taco Bell meat over the years, whether it’s considered fit for human consumption or used in dog food. With this recent lawsuit and all the chatter going on. I thought it would be a good time to dispel some of the myths and jot down a few facts about Taco Bell meats and general meat guidelines to shed some light on the subject.

First off, meat that is for consumption of any kind, whether it be humans dogs or cats is broken down into eight categories. These are also known as a grading system. As many people think the grading system is A, B, C, D, and F however that is not how our traditional grading system works it is as follows USDA Prime, Choice and Select these are traditionally younger cows, the children of the flock so to speak. Prime is for fancy restaurants and five-star hotels. The stuff you see on the shelves at the grocery store is normally Choice. The lowest three grades of beef are: USDA Select, Cutter and Canner. These used for sausages, ground beef and other items, including dog food.

The meat used in Taco Bell products is from the lesser of the three meat grades, and only 36% of the meat in Taco Bell products is actually real beef. What is the other 64%, you ask? They explain it in broad terms, and are otherwise known as fillers, preservatives and or extenders. The lawsuit states that they cannot actually call the substance in their products beef as there is not enough actual beef in it. According to the USDA guidelines to be called beef it must be made entirely from the flesh of a cattle and can have no additives, binders or extenders.

This is not the case with Taco Bell Beef so I guess we may be calling it Taco Bell Filler? Beef-ish? Beef substitute?

So now that we have that out of the way should you be eating this junk? No! For a number of reasons but don’t get me wrong I do realize that it’s cheap, convenient and tastes really good. The occasional Taco Bell meal is not going to hurt anyone. You remember what your mother always used to say. To much of anything is no good for you. Then I would sarcastically say “To much Broccoli  is not good for you Mom?” then she would just repeat the line over and over till I shut up or gave in.

I was so smart then. I sure miss that! Unfortunately the older I get the more I realize the less I know. My mother also used to say eating right and exercising was how to take good care of your body and stay fit and you know that still holds true today.

My mother walks 5 miles a day and goes to the gym every other day and has not aged a minute in years God Bless her. She’s 70 and in better shape, leaner than my 41 year old keyboard driving body. I guess we should all be taking our Mothers advice. Wisdom is a wonderful gift that takes many years to acquire  so let’s lean on them  eat right and exercise.

Lastly remember Taco Bell is ok and to much of anything is no good for you! Fell free to chime in below we’d love to hear from you!

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