7 Tips to Include the Kids in your Exercise Routine

Exercise was not something many of us were taught as a child and as a result, you probably have never enjoyed it. To get the proper exercise you have to force yourself to do it. Exercise has proven to improve health and the ability to focus in children, so it is your responsibility to include it in your children’s lives.

You still may not enjoy actual exercise, but hopefully your kids will. Start with some of the games you play to make exercise fun, then use your imagination to create your own variations.

Video Games

Most video games are played sitting in front of the television set, yet while many games still are, there is a completely new dimension added that includes physical exercise. Use these active games to compete with each other. Reward the winner by allowing them to choose the next competition.

Nerf Guns

The invention of these harmless guns easily gets kids up and going strong. Families use them to play games similar to paintball, which is another great way to exercise. You can play each man for himself or choose teams and then the war is on. While you are having fun with your kids, you also know you and your children are getting a good dose of exercise.

Treasure Hunt

Most kids love to treasure hunt. Start by hiding one of their favorite toys so there is something to be gained by getting there first. On your clues, specify how they have to get to the next clue. They may have to run, jump, crawl or any other number of physical actions to get there. All the while, your children are having fun and getting the exercise they need.

Kids Games

Get out the hula-hoops and jump rope for a family competition. They both provide exercise that is fun for the kids. When you played with those things as a child, you sure did not realize you were exercising, because if you did, you would have probably never played with them.


Take the kids shopping with you. By the time you park the car at the far side of the parking lot, walk them through the store several times and then back across the parking lot to the car everyone has a good dose of exercise. Allowing them a small treat before leaving the store adds an element of excitement for them.

Dance Night

You can turn the music up loud and the feet start moving. You also can let the kids take turns picking the music for additional involvement. Make a game out of designating one person as the leader and everyone else tries to make the same moves. You as the parent might not get in some of the same positions as the kids, but at least you are enjoying your time with them and in the back of your mind you know it’s good for them.

Exercise for Charity

Exercising for charity events can provide needed exercise, and teach doing for others at the same time. The events are usually fun for the kids and they learn the feeling of satisfaction people get when they help others. You can even do your own charity events like donated time to do yard work and other things for the elderly and disabled.