Are Vegetable Fats Killing You?

Outside of the civilized world, isolated villages still hold true to the past traditions of diets rich in animal meat, eggs, and milk with very little processed foods and vegetable fats. Those in the medical field and dietitians often state that a diet rich in animal fat is very unhealthy with claims that it clogs arteries and causes many other health problems that occur commonly in today’s civilization.

Are Vegetable Fats Linked to Modern Health Problems?

Modern civilization currently deals with epidemics of heart disease, cancers, high blood pressure and many dental problems. If one were to travel into the isolated villages anywhere in the world, regions where processed foods, sugars, and vegetable fats are non-existent, one would notice a drastic difference with the health of the people who reside there. Dental problems, despite lack of proper dental care, are fewer in number than in a bountiful civilized town and obesity is drastically less common.

Many would argue that replacing our diet of sugars and margarine with eggs and butter would simply increase the cases of heart problems and cholesterol. Just the sheer theory that animal fats might be better for human health than vegetable fats causes intense controversy in the medical field, despite the agreement that a diet rich in white flour, high fructose corn syrup and processed foods is unhealthy.

Research Concerning Animal Fats

Many studies have revealed that not all animal fats are harmful to one’s health. In fact, Omega 3 has been proven itself quite beneficial to the health. Grass-fed cows raised on small farms have greater levels of omega 3 oils, as do nuts and fish.

Studies have also proven that low-fat diets don’t lower the risk of heart disease. While they can help reduce obesity, which does benefit heart health, there is no direct link between a low-fat diet and heart health. In fact, a reduction in animal fats over the years has not aided in thinning people down or making people healthier. More people suffer from heart disease today than when the average person ate eighteen pounds of butter a year. To be fair, one must consider that when people ate that much butter, the life expectancy was lower. It is possible that these folks simply never got old enough to develop heart disease.

The Truth about Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, corn oil, or any oil that is not fruit or animal derived can be detrimental to your health. Free radicals released when cooking vegetable oils are dangerous. They cause cancer and plaque buildup in the arteries. Cancer and heart problems are the most common health problems in the United States, and vegetable oil might be one of the biggest culprits.

Vegetable oils require extraction processes through unnatural means that include dangerous chemicals. The most common chemical used to extract vegetable facts is called Hexane. Hexane is often used in roofing, refining gasoline, and leather products. Because these oils are unstable at high temperatures, cooking with them releases free radicals that wreak havoc on your body. However, oils from olives, coconut and animal fats remain stable during cooking.

Healthy Eating Starts in the Kitchen

While there is no definitive proof that vegetable oils are the problem with America’s diet, one thing is certain: The American diet is flawed as a whole. The average person’s meal today does not start in the kitchen; it starts in a box. Start to relearn cooking.

Start with macaroni and cheese, an all-American dish that is just as easy to make from scratch as from a box. When you see how much better it tastes and how easy it is to make it healthier (such as using whole-wheat elbows), you’ll want to experiment more with foods and see what you can cook just as easily from scratch.