5 Tips To Eat Better At Restaurants

5 Tips To Eat Better At Restaurants

We all love to eat out, as convenient and intimate that restaurants and fast food joints can be, however, it is these exact fast food joints and social diners that can make us all regret eating period.

Some of the foods sold at these places contain a day’s worth of calories in a single burger, let alone if we super-size, add appetizers, and an alcoholic beverage to the mix. So in the quest to educate people on how to eat healthily at fast food restaurants and mom and pop diners here are some essential rules of thumb to follow:

Skip The Drinks:

It is simply enticing and tempting to indulge in all the exotic and tasty alcoholic mixed drinks that are served everywhere. However, you should know that not only are you consuming calories from the alcohol in the drinks you order, but the mixers involved contain tons of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and hidden calories. One drink can contain up to 300 calories, get a but over indulgent and you could wind up consuming a days worth of calories in 5-6 drinks. Drink water, choose one light drink, and moderate your drinking.

Choose Not Fried:

Fried foods are the worst, they contain many fats that can lead to major health issues. Not only are they loaded with fat, but eating just a small amount can detriment your health and weight endeavors. When ordering out, make sure that you choose grilled, baked, boiled, or broiled, and you will avoid the grease, fat calories, and fat that come with these dishes and meals.

Choose Water:

Water is very good for you in many ways. It can make you feel full, cleanse the body, and contains no calories or ill nutrients. if you choose to drink water instead of alcoholic and sweetened pops, juices, and beverages at restaurants you can cut many calories. When you order at a restaurant always order a glass of water with lemon, lemon helps you burn fat and cleanses the body, It is always a great combination when considering your better health and weight in mind.

Have A Salad Watch The Dressing:

Salads are low calorie way to go when eating out, although at restaurants they can get embellished so much that they become unhealthy and not diet friendly. The main thing you should remember when eating salads at restaurants is that the dressings and fancy ingredients in them when they come on them can be detrimental to your diet and health. Try to have the dressing on the side, choose oil and vinegar, squeeze lemon juice on your salad to make it moist, and avoid the processed dressings that contain hidden calories in them.

Follow The Simple Rules Of Thumb:

Make sure in any restaurant you follow the general rules of thumb. This includes ordering grilled dishes, lean meats, opting for steamed veggies, raw veggies, skipping the white flour bread, high carb foods, and alcoholic drinks. However if you must make sure you splurge, but count calories, and watch your portion sizes!

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