The Cholesterol Drug Scam

Our Bodies Do Not Make Mistakes:

Today we’re going to talk about cholesterol and cholesterol drugs. Now, let’s start by talking a little bit about cholesterol and why it’s important. First of all, it’s important because we need cholesterol for every single cell of the body the integrity of every cell requires cholesterol,  also cholesterol plays a very important role in hormone distribution throughout the body, including sex hormones, estrogen, testosterone and your adrenal hormones. The point I’m trying to make is that the common misconception that cholesterol is bad and the fact is, it’s a very important chemical that regulates healthy bodily function. Most people think cholesterol is bad, and we just want to get it out of our bodies by any means necessary, but I just want to clear up the fact that cholesterol is not “bad” early on in this article.

So it’s important to understand there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Not all cholesterol is a like when you get a blood test done. They will give you results that include HDL cholesterol LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. HDL is your good cholesterol that actually grabs the bad cholesterol and delivers it from your body. When the body is specially taxed or latent and with toxins and heavy metals cholesterol is one of the means. The body uses to remove these harmful toxins and metals from our bodies.

Our body does not make mistakes. Our body doesn’t do things by accident; one of the signs of toxicity is elevated cholesterol especially HDL cholesterol many times when a person has elevated HDL cholesterol. It’s for a darn good reason. It’s the body’s way of telling you. You have a high toxicity and is doing everything it can to create additional cholesterol to help shuttle this toxicity from your body. It scrapes buildup from artery walls and send it where? Your blood stream for disposal.

So you don’t necessarily always want to take cholesterol drugs when your body is in the middle of removing harmful toxins and heavy metals. By doing this you would naturally defeat the purpose of your body working overtime to elevate your cholesterol levels by taking medication to reduce these levels. You not only tax the body, but increase toxicity levels via prescription drugs.  There are a number of reasons a person can have elevated cholesterol. One of them is heavy metal toxicity. Another reason, we can have high cholesterol is about 60% of America is running around dehydrated hydration has a significant impact on your cholesterol levels. Since every cell in the body is surrounded with cholesterol. Proper hydration helps maintain cellular walls when a person is dehydrated the body again, needs to go into overdrive creating cholesterol to maintain cellular integrity.

You need to have a proper level of hydration to allow yourselves to operate properly. But what will happen all too frequently is a person becomes dehydrated and the body does not have enough water to maintain solid cellular integrity. So it has to compensate, and the way it compensates is by producing more cholesterol to be able to deposit those fats into the cell membranes to maintain integrity. There is another terrific example of why elevated cholesterol is a sign that something else in the body is out of balance and should be addressed before jumping into a bottle of pills.

Another important reason is chronic stress the steroid hormones, including hormones produced by be adrenal glands derived their substance or raw materials from cholesterol. If your body is stuck in a chronic state of stress for an extended period of time the body is going to make more cholesterol to synthesize stress hormones. So you can see there are a number of important reasons why having a high level of cholesterol, may be an indication of the body’s normal adaptive mechanisms at work doing the right thing for your health. Again, the body does not make mistakes.

Statin Drugs:

It’s very important to understand Statin drugs. Not only what they do to the body, but where they came from for many years. The primary derivatives of this drug were Chinese rice, and this was the main means a practitioner or a doctor would use to lower a patient’s cholesterol. Then the drug companies stepped in and decided to synthesize Chinese rice and its derivatives. Then along came Lipitor and of course about the same time the FDA decided that the Chinese rice was not safe and pulled it off the market although we had been using it for years, with wonderful results. You know what my father I was used to say, follow the money $$. They made the manufacturers of Chinese rice remove all health claims that it could lower cholesterol.

Lipitor like its younger derivatives, and some of the other brand-name drugs out there produce side effects. You’ve heard the commercials or read the warning labels. Contact your doctor if you start having leg pains or cramps and a number of other unpleasant side effects, muscle pains and weakness if you are experiencing any of these side effects. It’s been too late. You’ve already contracted a serious neuro muscular disease. To learn more about this disease, please visit this website has a host of information on these side effects of Statin drugs from a retired NASA spaceflight surgeon.

Duane Graveline is also an M.D. and flew two missions on the space shuttle as flight surgeon. Unfortunately, he took these prescribed drugs for high cholesterol and two things happened to him. He almost completely lost his short-term memory, and he has self diagnosed himself with Lipitor induced ALS. You can learn quite a bit about the side effects and if you are having any of these side effects. It’s important to get all the information you can.

So what am I trying to tell you in this article, that when you go to your doctor and he does your blood panel, tells you you have high cholesterol and prescribes a bottle of pills. Take a look at a few of the other possibilities before getting that prescription filled. The body doesn’t make mistakes! Many of the cardiovascular diseases that we see with elevated cholesterol are related to trans fats not saturated fats. Trans fat is illegal in most countries including Europe.  So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. You want those good fats. Just not in abundance, olive oil, omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, including fish, vegetables and nuts seeds and oils. This is why Mediterranean diets are so healthy. If you look at Italy It is the third healthiest nation on the planet. If you love meat stick with the white meats, IE: Chicken, Fish & Turkey.

If you look at the average diet In Italy, they are very low in trans fats the way these drug companies are marketing how cholesterol works in the body it’s like it’s attacking every cell in your body and it is going to kill you in a matter of months, unless you take their magic pills. I hope you’ve learned, that is just not the case. In a normal healthy, smooth cell and blood vessel. There is no place for those cholesterol molecules to latch onto.

So eliminate trans fats and other inflammatory producing foods, caffeine, red meat, processed sugar that go into the body and create inflammation. If you can minimize these foods you can eliminate the need for taking these drugs. Eggs have certainly gotten a bad rap in the cholesterol game there was a study done at the University of Alabama that was contradictory to the food and drug administration’s study. The FDA did a study on eggs and gave a controlled group, a certain amount of eggs for a number of months. Noticed the cholesterol levels had risen closed the study and gave eggs a bad rap forever.

The recent study at the University of Alabama found that the FDA didn’t complete their study. Eggs actually have some good cholesterol, which actually goes in and pulls bad cholesterol and plaque off of the arteries and pulls it into the bloodstream so if you start eating eggs on a daily basis and do a blood panel 30 days later. You’re going to have an elevated level of cholesterol why? If you have read this far you should be able to answer that question after a period of time, while continuing egg consumption your cholesterol levels actually return back to normal. The eggs are actually working to your benefit, not your demise. Free range and non-commercial eggs are best. You are what you eat, and you are what the chicken eats free range organic eggs are vegetable fed for the most part. And they passed on all those wonderful nutrients to you and have about 35% less bad cholesterol than traditional eggs.

I hope you enjoyed our cholesterol update and please don’t take any of this as medical advice before changing your diet, drug intake or starting a physical fitness program. Please consult your doctor.

Please feel free to chime in below and tell us how you feel or give us your thoughts on cholesterol.

Live Long & Healthy!

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  1. BMI Calculator says:

    Finally some straight talk on cholesterol drugs! The drug companies won’t dig this post that’s for sure. Great article!

  2. MOM of 3 says:

    Talk to the Daddy. He needs to know. He will be a great help for you to get through the pregnancy and surely you want a real Daddy for the baby. Try to work things out, I’m sure you will get support and love from your family. Wish you the best luck!

  3. harley says:

    We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

    University of Athens

  4. Rachel de Manincor says:

    I like the use of Burger King’s slogan. And I think all food companies give that “false sense” to their consumers. Just like when they advertise “no trans fats”, but then they don’t tell us that “partially hydrogenated oils” are being used in their foods. Ummm….same thing, but because it says “no trans fats” consumers are quick to believe the ad from the restaurant they grew up eating from. I think in today’s marketing world, and in the competitiveness involved for each company to “look better”, strategic ambiguity is a useful tool.

  5. BorneoGirl says:

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  6. John Brooks says:

    I turned 67 this July 28. Seven years ago I had, and used weekly, a fitness club membership. I went Kayaking, camping, fishing, walking, played volleyball, and hosted/attended a variety of writing/poetry venues. When I was 60, my PCP got a borderline high cholesterol result from my blood work and put me on a 20Mg maintenance dose of Lipitor. I trusted; I took it. In six months I had such severe acid reflux the Rx was switched to Zocor 20 Mg. Within six to eight months following the switch to Zocor I felt a heaviness in my legs, was getting tired frequently and had lost my vigor for and interest in any social activities or writing venues. My cholesterol rose slightly again in a few months and my Rx was bumped to 40 Mg of Zocor; now the fun began in earnest.

    I began to perspire at the slightest exertion and could not stop perspiring even when I stopped exerting myself; I literally dripped with sweat. I perspired so much at night I would wrap my pillow with towels. At the same time I developed a night thirst that was disturbing in its intensity. I began keeping water by my bed and gradually drank at least a twenty two oz. bottle during the night, every night, and began to pass copious amounts urine each night as well. I could only sleep in two hour stretches, awakened by cough; thirst; a need to urinate; a strange feeling of mild, total body vibration; or a deep sense of foreboding accompanied by rapid heart beat and palpitations. My eyes crusted over during the night so badly I often needed to soak them with a damp cloth before I could open them. I was also experiencing dyspnea, a shortness of breath, especially when I lay down to sleep, and my legs twitched uncontrollably. I had eye-popping fits of coughing that often climaxed with vomiting. I seemed unusually susceptible to viral infections and caught colds easily. These colds always became something more serious and twice resulted in my being treated for Viral Pneumonia. I also […]

  7. kelly d says:

    They arent really focusing on drugs to that extent, i think a lot of it is patients being presented with a choice, change your diet and exercise..oooooor take this pill once a day.

    People want the easy out.

  8. Noumena says:

    Hazel, fat acceptance advocates have long argued that the evidence `linking' obesity to health problems is weak, and that diet and exercise (or lack thereof) are the primary cause of things like diabetes, not obesity itself. See, for example, this piece in the NYT:

    Last week a report in The Archives of Internal Medicine compared weight and cardiovascular risk factors among a representative sample of more than 5,400 adults. The data suggest that half of overweight people and one-third of obese people are “metabolically healthy.” That means that despite their excess pounds, many overweight and obese adults have healthy levels of “good” cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and other risks for heart disease.

    At the same time, about one out of four slim people — those who fall into the “healthy” weight range — actually have at least two cardiovascular risk factors typically associated with obesity, the study showed.

  9. arguin says:

    Wonderful post. I just found your web page and would like to say that I have certainly loved reading through your blog posts. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I genuinely hope you write once more soon.