Vegetarian Diet plan Food Pyramid – Explained

This video explains in detail what kind of foods a vegetarian diet plan should exist of, and even better, which kind of foods you need to eat in order to have a healthy vegetarian diet. Have fun.

Healthy Eating Guidelines : How to Turn a Regular Recipe Into a Low-Fat Diet Plan Recipe

Check out this video, shows a few simple examples of how to cook healthier by just replacing some of the “bad” ingredients for good ones. Very useful information if your on a low fat diet plan. Using simple substitutes for butter, sugar and cheese, turn regular recipes into low-fat recipes. Find out how to turn Read more …

5 Tips To Make Your Low Fat Diet Plan Work

When you are on a low fat diet plan you can do some things to make things easier for you. Starting out with a new diet is also starting out with a new lifestyle. Replacing the unhealthy habits with healthy ones so that you remain in shape even when you have reached your goal weight. Read more …

A Succesfull Low Fat Diet Plan Starts With A Good Breakfast

One of the most important things you have to do when following a low fat diet plan is have a good breakfast. Many people have a busy schedule in the morning, or just don’t feel like eating anything until the late morning. Eating a breakfast has so many proven benefits to your health and you Read more …

What is the best diet/weight loss routine to try and loose 40lbs?

Like I know it’s unhealthy to loose 5 lbs per week but I want to because I need to. And to answer your question peo[ple I am actually overweight and need to loose fat. SO any suggestions besides the usually of eat healthy, exercise and get rest. Like what to eat in a day and Read more …

Weight Loss/Meal Plans?

I am looking for a weight loss program that will help me lose 45-50 lbs quickly (but still in a healthy way). I need a strict “program” with steps to follow and exact plans of what to eat. Does anyone know of a cost/time efficient way to do this?

I need a low fat low sugar diet plan!!?

Please help!!!!! IDK what to eat to lose weight. I especially have problems with breakfast. I was thinking yogurt with berries and granola, but thats so high in sugar! and I will get tired of it eating it everyday. IDEAS PLEASE!!!! I need to lose 50 pounds, I will also be working out. pleasee. ty.

What is an effective diet plan to lower bad cholesterol level ?

Due to my high bad cholesterol level, I am changing my diet. However, I have no idea how to do it. Please advise if you have such experiences. Weight = 71 Kg Height = 1.71 Metre BMI = 24.28

Where Can I Find a Vegetarian Diet Plan For Athletes?

I am a competitive figure skater and I skate 3-4 hours a day five days a week. I also do an hour and a half of off ice strength and cardio exercises, three times per week. In addition I do 3 hours of modern and ballet classes per week. I am in fairly good shape Read more …

Weight Loss Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Are you looking for weight loss meal plans?  Whether you search for a low fat diet plan, vegetarian diet plan, low cholesterol diet plan or a low carb low fat diet plan, we found something you will really benefit from. There are a lot of weight loss meal plans out there, but not many that Read more …